Sunday, April 19, 2015

Everything Embry: April 19

A Few Days at Home

Giving herself a shot like Mommy 

We spent pretty much all day Sunday outside last week


Living the rough life 

Helping me make her banana and egg pancakes for the week 

Hah! We ran by my friend Annie's house to drop something off and while there, William locked his mom out on the front porch with we hung there for awhile until her hubby came home with a key! 

Throwing a fit because we left the grocery store...... 

Life is rough when you're 2.5 and your mom doesn't let you play at Kroger all day long 

She actually wanted to wear her Dora Undies for a few hours Monday and kept them dry! 

I really do love her love of reading, until I have to read the same Highlights Magazine cover to cover for the tenth time that week.  

Free Schlotzsky's on tax day! 

Caterpillar's are taking over Dallas. 

Dallas Children's Aquarium

Tuesday we went to the Dallas Children's Aquarium where we have a membership! We hadn't been in almost 3 months, so E and William had a ball checking out all of their favorite fish again! 

It's so dark in most of the aquarium inside, most of our pictures happen outside at "Stingray Bay" 


Last Sunday, Jacob's Grandma, Cliffee, passed away. Wednesday around lunch time Jacob's parents picked up me and Embry and we spent the rest of the week in Oklahoma, outside of Tulsa, attending the viewing and funeral and just spending time with family. Jacob doesn't have any time off of work yet, so he held down the fort at home. Embry did great and big step, I didn't take the pack'n'play and she and I shared a queen sized bed. She did PERFECT! Almost too good to where I was worried she would want to sleep in a big bed at home, but she ran to her room and is currently napping in "MEEEE CRRIIIIBBBB!!!" She was such a doll the whole trip and really cheered everyone up!

Nap in the car on the drive to Oklahoma

NOT thrilled she got woken up after about 40 min. 

Gorgeous views from Grandpa's backyard 

Keeping busy with her Barbies and doll bottle at the viewing 

SOOO giddy for her first night in the big bed 

Conked out!

E did great for the first half of the funeral, but we had to move to the foyer of the church after about 30 min. A 2 year old can only be silent for so long. 

And then she had to run circles around her purse...hah

Jacob's cousin has a 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl. Emma Jane and Embry hit it off! 

E and EJ 

I took advantage of nap time one day and laid in bed and read. 

I know I have an obsession with sleeping pics! Whoops! 

Splashing in Grandpa's pool with Uncle Luke 

Her favorite Minnie seek and find book with Kiki 

First Long John Silver's experience 

View off the back deck

Getting their dolls ready. 

Embry and Waylon 

I was doing some stuff with the light when I came to bed and she grunted and covered her head with the blanket, hah. 

Awesome park we went to two mornings in a row 

Her favorite part of the park, performing. 

Performing all of her songs and dances. (Itsy Bitsy Spider going on here)

Grandpa's famous breakfast! 

This was during her almost 4 hour nap. 

Watching Frozen 

Playing doctor 

Mine and Embry's first Braum's experience- so delish! 

Out on a much needed walk after Braum's during E's nap. Gorgeous hills! 

My long legged girlie 

E-Pa, Kiki and their girl =)

Embry and Kiki before going out for Grandpa's 80th birthday dinner

E and Mommy! 16 week pregnant bump, definitely popping out the last few days. 

Saying bye to Great Gpa 


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