Sunday, April 5, 2015

Everything Embry: April 5

This week we announced Baby #2 here

Embry's 2.5 year update here


Once again, we took advantage of the free activities at the Arboretum and had a good time with friends, visited the petting zoo, had a picnic and attended Kindermusik class! 

Embry and Caroline dancing 

Once again she loved the bunny at the petting zoo....and didn't really love the other animals. 

The three amigos 


Chasing birds

Spring Time Outside

A visit from Papa for a few hours!!!

Embry and Eliot

Peace in the land of e&e, rare moments of them getting along for a good period of time 

Morning walk with the girls

E hugging baby Bonnie 

The four musketeers at the park 

Cheesing for Eliot 

So busy picking flowers at the park 

Dinner al fresco 

Ice cream sandwich for dessert =)
Helping with yard work

Pre-bedtime sliding 

E&E Egg Hunt

It was such a gorgeous day Friday, Lauren and I decided to do an egg hunt for E&E....with empty eggs and they loved it! Haha. 

Running to Eliot's house

Owen's Birthday Party

Saturday morning we went to Owen's 2nd birthday party and had a blast doing yet another egg hunt and celebrating our friend. 

Shockingly, she wasn't interested in riding the train to the egg hunt, but LOVED running alongside it. 

Easter Sunday

We've had a nice relaxing Easter morning with our little family. E got us up about 7:20 and she discovered that the Easter Bunny had in fact delivered last night! The video is hilarious...the second thing she took out of her basket was the bubble bath...which she decided she needed to go put away in the bathroom cabinet immediately. Haha. We then led her into the play room where the Easter Bunny left a little egg hunt since it's pouring here today. We had a delicious family breakfast and made it to 9:30 church. After church we all got in our sweats and dyed Easter eggs. 

Rocking the same Easter dress as last year!


Trying on swimsuits for this summer...big girl wearing a 4T!

Doing a workbook she got from Kiki and E-Pa

Trader Joe's helper

Keeping busy with stickers at the car wash 

Here comes Mommy's car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little pizza helper

Happy half birthday E!!!

Big girl in her summer jammies 

Measuring Daddy's height after we did hers

She sure does love her Papa

So proud to have matching PJs with her doll

Good Friday headed to MOPS

Loves balancing on one foot these days

Just a few weeks of playing outside in the sun and her hair is turning much blonder 

Looking so old with her high pony tail and bow

Our new fave neighborhood eats- Dugg Burger

New PJs from Mimi and Papa 


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