Sunday, April 12, 2015

Everything Embry: April 12


I am SO sad to say that this week was the last week of the free fun activities at the Arboretum for the spring and they'll resume in the fall. =( So our last time for the petting zoo, free Kindermusik class and face painting, which E finally took advantage of this week. Usually the face painting line is like 30 min long, but no one was there this week, so we hopped in line and Embry and her friend, Caroline, LOVED it! 

As per usual, only interested in the bunny!

Just adores little babies! She loves making Samantha smile 

Admiring themselves in the mirror! 

E and Caroline =)

Fighting over bubbles lol 

Hilarious attempt at getting a group shot

E and her friend Corley 


Eating strawberries in her new strawberry swimsuit! 

Why don't you relax a bit E?

"Fire truck park" in Dallas with friends 

She takes watering all the flowers and plants in our yard very seriously 

We found a worm cleaning out the carport...

I ran to Home Depot Friday to check to see if they had our hanging baskets we always get each spring and they didn't, but E was distressed we weren't taking any flowers home.... So I let her pick out her own "me pink flowers" and she LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSS them! A whole dollar goes a long way with her! 

The worm found a new home in E's new flowers 

Tadaaaaa! Clean carport 

MOMMY! PAPA'S TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry E just a lookalike!

Freaky worm caterpillar things on our neighbors tree 

Playing with neighbor girls 

"ME BOWERS BIGGER!!!!" Yes, E, your flowers grew overnight...... 


Doc McStuffins costume from the Easter Bunny ;) 

New 'woof-woof' pjs from Kiki and E-Pa

Reading her new Seek and Find Minnie book 

They gave out free Easter balloons at Kroger this week to all the kids, she's pretty obsessed with it. 

Steel City Pops 

Coloring her book 

Getting my nightly foot massage from Jake...I need to be pregnant more often ;)
This girl has been ROCKING sleep this week. One morning she slept 8pm-9am?!?! And has been taking 3 and even 4 hour naps!!!! I'm thinking a growth spurt is in the works! 

Celebrating our neighbor Patrick's birthday out for burgers at Rodeo Goat Dallas 

Fully covered in dirt and grime, which included me catching Embry and Eliot rubbing crushed gravel into each other's hair..... 

Leap Frog with Jacob 


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