Sunday, May 3, 2015

Everything Embry: May 3

Lucy Joy Hart

The most exciting news of our week is we have a new family member- niece and cousin Lucy Joy Hart!!! Embry and I drove to Austin last Sunday (after driving through Ennis, TX to get some bluebonnet pics) and we stayed at the Harts house Sunday night. When we woke up Monday, Ruthie and Jon were long gone at the hospital and Ford and Embry were quite oblivious to what was going on! Ruthie was finally settled in her room about the time E and F went down for nap, so about 2:45 when they got up we went up to the hospital! We love her so much already! Embry and I headed home Tuesday midday after visiting the hospital one last time.

Snoozing on our car ride to Austin

Got my bluebonnet shot I wanted!!

17 Weeks & 39 Weeks! Last day to be pregnant together!

Snoozing with Mommy at the Hart's house

The first few photos we got of Lucy Joy!

The oblivious big brother and big cousin

They had a blast together for two days, finally seem to be playing together and not just stealing toys from each other

Up from naps and ready to go meet Lucy!!!

Ford meeting his baby sister!

Embry was obsessed, in love, all of the above with little LJ!

Pretty much sums up the first day- Ford was unimpressed and Embry couldn't keep her hands off of Lucy

Papa and Mimi and their THREE grands!

Sweet E will be such a good big sister!

Nothing's better than breakfast with your cousin!

Cutest little booty!

Sharing Aunt Rudy's lunch!

Sweetest girls!

Potty Training

Embry is doing SOOO good at potty training! We had a big moment Wednesday when she went #2 on the potty for the first time. I promised a toy at the toy store (Dollar Tree) and she picked out a jump rope, a ball, and a package of heart stickers. She went successfully again throughout the week! I'm sure we'll still have some accidents here and there, but she is probably pretty close to being fully potty trained. I debated putting her in Pull-Ups for MOPS (3 hours of childcare) Friday and went with underwear and she was accident free and went potty twice there! Hooray!  

So proud of her jump rope she picked out!

This has been a life saver. A friend, a veteran girl mom, told me about this a year ago and said I needed to buy when I potty trained Embry. It's a travel potty seat and can even be a pop-up potty chair and it fits in my purse, literally. It saved us at the zoo all day since she still is nervous of public bathrooms!

Car undies and a pink kitchen!

Car potty in the Costco parking lot for the win!

The Park and The Zoo

Although we loved our time in Austin, we were happy to get back to our play dates and routine at home. Wednesday we met friends at the park for a picnic and Thursday we went to the zoo. Embry took a four hour nap after the zoo and woke up crying that we couldn't go back and see the dinosaurs. (There's a really cool dino exhibit currently that E loved!)

William, E and Sophie picnicking

Lunch date =)

SO tired after the zoo!


My dad and brother James arrived Friday night for the Sweet 16 Lacrosse playoffs here in Dallas (well Plano). We all went Saturday morning to watch the big game and they dominated a San Antonio team (24-10). We ended up inviting the entire team and their families back to our house for grilling and we ordered the big boxing fight. Not our normal quiet Saturday evening having 40 people at our house, but it was so fun! And we're so tired today! Hah! We're off to watch them in the Elite 8 Game!

Tickling Uncle James' feet to wake him up.

Breakfast with Uncle Bug

Arden and Embry (3 weeks apart). A is a LAX sister and E is a LAX niece ;)

Cheering on Uncle James

Uncle James after the game!

Flying with Papa

Embry watching the corn hole action!

Our packed living room!

Embry and Papa FaceTiming Mimi and Ford in Austin



After our date night last weekend

Longest girl

Telling Daddy how tiny Lucy is

Giving Mommy a shot

Prettiest girl!

Life is pretty hard when your mom makes you take off your PJs to get washed....

Do these undies make my legs look long? ;)

Matching tattoos with Mommy

Sporting my French braids from our last MOPS meeting for the summer.

Performing for Aunt Tomi

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