Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Embry: 2.5 Years Old

2.5 Year Stats
Weight: 32.0 pounds (taken today at home) (She was 28.5 pounds at 2 yo) (I was 27 pounds at 2.5 yo)
36.75 inches (taken today at home) (She was 34.75 at 2 yo....grown a full two inches in six months!!) (No recorded height for me at 2.5 yo, but I was 36.5 at 3 yo)  
Diapers: Size 5
Clothes: 2T and 3T mainly. Of course brands vary by size and she can wear some 4T stuff and some 18 month dresses still. 
Shoes: Size 7
Eating:  I feel like she's in another picky phase, she definitely will not try just anything I put in front of her which is frustrating. Drinks about 8 oz of organic whole or 2% milk per day and lots of water, still no juice of any sort. She likes a variety of fruits and veggies..favorites- grapes, apples, bananas, watermelon, berries of all kinds, broccoli, bell peppers, roasted carrots, roasted cauliflower.  Favorites are pancakes (back on her banana/egg pancake-yay!!!), chicken quesadillas, sandwiches, Greek yogurt, popcorn, fruit snacks, any carby snack (crackers with cream cheese is a fave, kids Cliff bars, snap pea chips). She has a BIG sweet tooth like her mama. Ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, really any "treat".
Sleeping: 11+ hours straight through the night (8:00 pm-7:00 am). Nap at 1:00 pm, typically for 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours. Still sleeps in crib, wearing sleep sack and still uses pacifier in her crib (and the car).
Teeth: 16 teeth...STILL no 2 year molars.
Words: Can't even begin to list! I feel like she's finally saying everything! Although, Mommy does a lot of translating as some words are hard to understand...sweet girl! She says new stuff everyday, is becoming conversational, and it's so fun to hear what she says these days!
Favorite Toys: Pretend play is still the majority of what she does- loves to play restaurant and grocery store in her kitchen, takes such good care of her dolls, gets out her doctor kit daily! Loves puzzles and arts and crafts. Also has started to really love dress ups! Anything girly, twirly and with a tutu is right up her alley!
Favorite Books: Still loves all her flap books and has a LOT of her books memorized...especially the ones where they ask a question on the find the 5 bandaids on this page of the Doc McStuffins book- she knows where each one is. She loves books in general and could sit and be read too all day long. She also is allowed to take one book to nap and at night and she will read for awhile once she wakes up. She will also sit through really long (boring) books.
Favorite Shows/Characters: She loves Daniel Tiger, Leap Frog number and letter shows on Netflix, Team Umizumi 

New Things
*Loves numbers. Can count 1-20. Counts things all day long-stairs we're walking up, food on her plate, dolls, etc. 
*Loves puzzles of all kind and is really good at them!
*Loves all things art, crafts, projects, etc. She loves coloring, stamping, drawing, making cards, stickers, etc. Art stuff keeps her entertained by herself for a long time!
*Can draw a person by herself- face with eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair, chin (not sure why she always adds a chin), arms and legs.
*Obsessed with stalling things and telling us- "one more minute". Time to get dressed? Bath time? Bedtime? "One more minute Mommy!"
*Went through a phase in January (and still sometimes does it) but whenever we're not at home, she's obsessed with pointing out things we have at home...even like a toilet, or a table, or any particular toy, or food... It's pretty funny. Yes, Embry, Mimi has a toilet just like we do at home. 
*Loves to find matches, or two things that look alike. Loves when we wear our matching sunglasses. 
*Current name for Lovey is "Ma" (said like muh)
**STILL has ZERO interest in potty training. I've had a ton of veteran mom friends tell me to wait until she's ready to make both of our lives I'm not in a huge rush. I do plan on having it done this summer if she doesn't start showing some interest, I'll force it in a few months. =/
*Has started whining and it drives me nuts. It was bad for about a week and she still does it sometimes...usually reminding her to "use her words" fixes it. 
*She will now give wrong answers to be funny...there's a particular color book that does one color per page and has five wrong answers and one correct....So when you say- which is the red sock? She'll point to each of the five wrong ones before laughing and pointing to the red one....she thinks it's HILARIOUS
*Can identify most letters. She knows and gets excited when she sees an E ("for ME"), an F for Ford or an M or D for Mommy or Daddy. 
*We think she has some lazy speech habits. She's still quite hard to understand, but some words we know she can say correctly and she just doesn't. (We have to remind her to say SSssssnack instead of nack) We're thinking of getting her in speech in the next few months. 
*Got her first hair trim by Mommy. Hadn't had a trim since last July.
*Loves jewelry and is currently wearing an old James Avery necklace that Jacob gave me in high school. Won't take it off.
*I think I got my wish with always having her in a bow/headband...She does NOT like to be without a bow in her hair, ever. And I love it.
*Still OBSESSED with helping. Every meal, every chore, everything. Even when I say- Hey Embry, I'm running to the bathroom. "Me help Mommy!!!" 

*Loves to sing, everything is sing-songy. And her her favorite is a made up song where she sings "Mommy, Daddy, Me, Woof, Ma" over and over and over. 
*Adores her friends. Is always hugging them and she gets so excited when I tell her her going to see one of them.
*LOVES babies right now. I have a few friends with little babies and she's obsessed. Loves hugging them, holding them, making them laugh, etc. 

*Threw her first fit about leaving a place. We were at the zoo with friends and she realized we were on the way out and she screamed and cried and arched her back when I tried to pick her up. 
*To address the last bullet point, the terrible twos have really been pretty good to us. (I'm sure I'm jinxing it). She doesn't throw many tantrums, she's very agreeable, is getting SO much better on sharing...things have been really great the past few months! I'm totally enjoying this age and feel like we're at a really easy, fun point with her! Trying to soak it all up before we add another baby to the mix in the fall! 
*Cannot believe our girl is 2.5 and now closer to three than two! In six months Embry will be THREE and be a big sister! Crazy!!

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