Sunday, March 1, 2015

Everything Embry: March 1

Last Sunday at Home

Books and snuggles with Daddy

Tea party with Great Grandma Gordon

After Grandma treated us to a yummy lunch out!

Trying to teach her what "one more minute" really means

Snow Day in Dallas

Monday morning we woke up to a layer of snow...really ice. Unfortunately Jacob still went to work, but E and I were homebound. We got out twice to play in it in the morning and then our neighbors came over that afternoon and Embry and Eliot each decorated an "E" cookies I had saved in our freezer.

SNOW!! (Yes, I know it was pretty much ice, hah!)

E and A enjoying the snow

E was running laps in the backyard which I was strongly encouraging to guarantee a good nap ;)

Fell asleep in the middle of reading

Decorating her E cookie

Showing a TAD more interest in sitting and reading books on her potty chair....

Austin Visit

We were lucky to get out of Dallas Tuesday afternoon when the sun was shining and everything melted. Dallas got more ice Wednesday and tons of snow Friday! We loved hanging with family-especially my grandparents from Chicago, seeing a bunch of friends (including meeting one of my besties baby boy), a "sprinkle" (mini baby shower) for my niece coming in April, and Embry's first sleep over with her grandparents!

Captured the sweetest moment while I was putting her to bed. So glad I had my phone in my pocket. I was singing "Twinkle Twinkle" she started rubbing my face....sweetest girl. Love doing bedtime when Daddy's not around =)

Comfy cozy in "Mimi's crib"

Working with Mimi and Papa's tools

Beading fruit loops on string

Loving on baby Greyson! One of my best friends new baby! (Well 11 weeks new)

Smooches for Baby G

She just loves babies

Besties since middle school and college roommates- with all of our babies!

Two cuties in Mimi and Papa's toy box

Very interested in Great Papa's hearing aid

Girls night at Chuy's, little June Bug tagged along and I got to hog her most of the meal

"Hold me Papa" - E became quite enamored with her Great Papa this trip

Helping Great Papa play solitaire

In her new shirt from the Harts! (Excuse me while I cry that it's a size 4T!)

She loved the hand washing station at PDQ restaurant

Stealing Great Papa's milk shake

Embry's First Sleepover at Kiki and E-Pa's House

Friday Embry had her first sleepover at Kiki and E-Pa's house! She's of course slept there since she was a few weeks old, but always with us! She and I were scheduled to spend the evening there and have dinner, but since Ruthie's baby "sprinkle" was the next morning it made since for Embry to spend the night there and hang with E-Pa during the sprinkle. She had SO much fun and didn't even ask for Mommy or Daddy when she woke up the next morning. When I picked her up Saturday afternoon she wasn't quite sure what to do! She immediately showed me the puzzle she and E-Pa were playing with, then ran and gave me a big kiss....then wouldn't stop kissing me. Way too sweet!!

Ready to go with her overnight bag!

Making cookies with Kiki

Bedtime stories with E-Pa

I got picture updates from EPa after they played they went to DQ for lunch!

And the big finish, of course ice cream!

Lucy's "Sprinkle"

My mom and I hosted a "sprinkle" (a small shower) for Ruthie and baby Lucy on Saturday! We had fun putting together girly stuff and desserts and treats for the party and spoiling our little Lucy Girl!
The Fanning ladies! We especially missed you Tomi!!!

Lucy Hart cookies I made =)



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