Sunday, March 8, 2015

Everything Embry: March 8

Scary Drive Home

Sunday when Embry and I were driving home, about halfway through my car gave me a traction control error and I could feel the car acting up. Every twenty minutes or so after that it would give me the error and within minutes I couldn't accelerate....while driving on the interstate. It would fix itself when I'd exit, turn the car off and then on again and I was good for another 20 minutes if I was lucky. It was horrible. Poor Embry was trying to nap and made it through a few stops, but got a crummy nap. I have never been more excited to pull into my driveway! Needless to say, my car went in the shop first thing Monday morning and Embry and I were carless until midday Wednesday. Luckily Monday we borrowed our neighbors car to run to the grocery store, but instead of driving Jacob to and from work, we were just homebound. The weather was cold and rainy anyway, so we had a LOT of home days this week!

Shockingly asleep on the side of the interstate

Reunited with Daddy!! So happy to be home!!

Thinking she's so big in her buddy Eliot's car seat!

Days at Home

As I said above, thanks to my car being in the shop and gross weather, and then our snow day, we were home pretty much all week, which is not our norm. Luckily Embry is enjoying more and more being at home and does great playing on her own for good bits of time. She still is like her Mama and likes to get out and about (and sometimes cries when we get home from a fun event, "No Home! No Home!" haha), but we actually had a nice week all cooped up!

She is on a huge puzzle kick right now and has mastered the one 12 piece puzzle we have. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring more ;)

Making mini blueberry muffins. She did all 16 herself....and I had to bite my tongue to not boss her or clean up after her.

48 piece floor puzzle. Done with help from Mommy, but she HAD to place each piece herself.

Sleeping angel

We did lots of baking this week! Peanut butter coconut cookies... one of the best cookies I've made!!!

LOTS of crafting happened this week...she discovered envelopes and got SO excited making pictures, putting them in envelopes and "mailing" them to her friends (aka- putting them in our plantation shutters in the playroom.)

Poor Eliot got talked into matching pigtails with Embry....couldn't help but put all the pics on here...

Silliest kids

Love when she looks like a little baby still.

She's been obsessed with these two little stuffed dogs this week...even feeding them out of Athena's bowls.

First Haircut by Mommy

I knew E was due for a little hair trim since it was getting really matted and tangled most days and last summer her trim helped big time! Last week in Austin I got advice from my hair lady and she thought I could definitely do it myself and taught me how. Luckily, my mom had gotten me a pair of hair cutting scissors that came with the cape, comb and clips. I took off a little more than I thought/wanted, but it turned out super cute!!

Sitting in a Bumbo chair, watching Doc McStuffins.



After =)

What I cut off....eeeekkk. At first I thought I cut too much, but I think it's super cute.

Cutting her dolls hair....oops, I may have started a bad thing....

The finished product!

Snow Day

Thursday morning we woke up to probably 5 inches of the softest, fluffiest snow! It was gorgeous! It was a sunny, blue skied day and we had a blast playing in it. Jacob went to work (boo), but went in a little late and played for a bit in the morning with us. Then after warming up for a few hours, we went down to the Cones house and let E and E play in the snow for an hour or so. Jacob and I should have known we were in for this crazy weather these past two weeks because we kept going on and on about how in six winters living in Dallas, we've always gotten at least one snow/ice storm but we made it til February without! Turns out now this year we got one ice day and three different snow days the past two weeks.

Love this pic! E and Daddy throwing snow balls!

Best buds! Athena loved playing in the snow!

Happy little snow girl

E & E greeting each other in the snow!

Cleaning off Miss Lauren's car

They loved playing in the river of melted snow
Filling up her watering can

Baking cookies on our snow day! She was quite adamant on helping with the chocolate chip cookies...

What do you mean chocolate chips?

E&E getting crazy sweeping and mopping!

Park Day

Ironically, the day after our snow day it was beautiful and sunny and warm enough to go coat-less outside! We met friends at the park and played the afternoon away. Embry was kind of going nuts. I think she felt cooped up from being at home all week!

Pretending to be a chicken ??? Haha

Embry running after Eliot and Chloe

New Job for Jacob

Big news in our family! Tomorrow Jacob starts a new job at a Wisener Nunnally Roth LLP here in Dallas. He's had a very, very busy final few weeks at his job at Tinsley Law Firm but we're all excited for the new change!!!!


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  1. Embry is growing up so fast and she is so smart!! Love the weekly posts!