Sunday, March 22, 2015

Everything Embry: March 22


Last Sunday was heavenly! I slept in so late we missed church and when I got up Jacob was out the door to take Embry to the zoo for the day. I spent the whole day laying on the couch binging on Mad Men! That afternoon we took Embry's big pink car she got for Christmas outside for the first time and she had a blast driving it. We even took it down the street to visit Eliot. She thought she was hot stuff!

Daddy and E with the lion

She talked non-stop about the choo-choo she rode with Daddy.


St. Patrick's Day

My love of holidays continued on St. Patrick's Day. I made festive green Rice Krispie Treats and we had a fun morning with a bunch of friends at the Arboretum. It's their Spring series with hundreds of thousands of tulips, it's totally one of my favorite times there. They also have started back up their free face painting, petting zoo, Kindermusik class, etc. on Mondays and Tuesdays so we packed a lunch and took part in Kindermusik class. E took such a good nap that by the time she got up it was past 4:00pm, but we still went and got our half priced Sonic shakes! That ended up being our dinner for the night, hah!

St. Paddy's Day 2013, 2014, 2015

Another year, same dress =)

Embry and William at the Arbo

My sunshine!

Eating Rice Krispie Treats with Cammie and William

Me: Embry, what does your shake taste like?


It's so hard when you realize Lovey is in the washing machine....

Making Mommy a leaf bouquet

Picnic lunch

E loving on baby Christina at the park. She LOVES babies.

Bare feet and side walk chalk! Spring is coming!

Playing with baby Bonnie at open gym

Open gym train with William and Caroline

CRAZY post nap hair

Loves watering the yard

Always on the lookout for something

Happy to have Daddy home


The ever growing crib posse

First spring time visit to Steel City Pops! We've missed this place!

Blueberry cream pop!

She was so excited to see her buddy William at MOPS

Friday night we celebrated my friend Annie's birthday at my friend Lindsey's house with all three families. Embry basically never left Caroline's room with all her fun toys!

The three kiddos eating dinner

Annie and her family =)

Me, Annie, Lindsey =)
My new favorite thing in the playroom! I heard this quote months ago and had to have it in our house. I had it custom made by a family friend at Dusty Prints Etc! LOVE!


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