Sunday, March 15, 2015

Everything Embry: March 15

Our Week

I don't have nearly the amount of pictures I usually have for a week, hah! We didn't do any big outings or anything and I haven't pulled out my nice camera in weeks. The weather has been SO BLAH around here we haven't even been outside that much. =(

Daddy's first trip to Trader Joe's

Watching Daddy get his haircut

I gave E a package of post-it notes and she had some LONG periods of crafting!

Snuck in to snap a picture of bedtime books

Daddy and E sending me selfies

More post-it/envelope craft time

Costco smoothie time

Her current posse- Lovey, a doll, Lambie, two stuffed bunnies, a "daddy" dog, a "baby" dog, and a "tiny" dog.

I found a bag of hand me downs from our old neighbors and it was full of tap shoes and their old dance outfits. Embry spent an entire afternoon tapping the day away (despite the shoes being about 3 sizes too big!)


I've also played a LOT of "grocery store" this week which means, E fills up her cart with play food, I "bag" it all into her 8 purses she has....haha, and then she pays me. Over and over and over. She's great about cleaning it all up, putting it all away, and starting over.

We had two afternoons of sunshine and we took full advantage!

My mom who is so great with all things kids, saved a ton of old unused carts, invitations, stationary, envelopes, etc. and recently gave them to me. Embry is OBSESSED with making people cards, putting them in the envelopes and then "mailing" them...which means putting in our wood blinds.

Playdate with William and Caroline on William's new bounce house!

E and E playing at a friends hous

Friday morning we woke up and it was POURING. Of course that was the day I had about 6 errands to run, but E was a trooper being drug around in the rain.

Having fun in Hobby Lobby

Visiting Daddy's new office!!!

Future attorney ;)

E has been obsessed with her "oo, oo, ah, ah monkey" this week and knows she got it from Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Jon when she was a baby, but I showed her pictures of herself in the hospital with the monkey. She thought it was pretty darn cool! haha!

She loves Memory game...except for we play it face up, so it's really just matching.

New Minnie Mouse PJs!


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