Sunday, February 22, 2015

Everything Embry: February 22

Play, Play, Play

Beading, beading all day long

I had to wear the was quite heavy! LOL

Feeding her baby a cup of milk

A new "thing" this week, giving her toys and dolls baths in the sink.

As much as she loves beading, and as much as she loved her candy necklace last weekend, I bought Fruit Loops to have her make her own "candy" necklace and she LOVED it! She concentrated on it for a good 30+ min, then, of course, loved eating it!

Modeling her necklace

So much fun!

Embry and William playing fetch at open gym...haha

Getting so big at the park!

Looking for our house on our walk with her fake binoculars

We hadn't been to the Dallas Museum of Art lately so we went and she had so much fun in the kids area

Little architect

Reading a beloved Valentine from our friends who moved to OK

My little artist

Birthday Parties

Saturday we had two birthday parties. Our favorite neighbor, Eliot, turned four at had a party at a park on the lake. Then in the afternoon, we had our friend William's cowboy birthday party!

e&e birthday lovin'

Worn out from Eliot's party

Cowgirl Embry

Riding William's "roller coaster"

Birthday boy and his cowgirl

Cupcakes all around (again, hah)


FaceTime with Aunt Tomi in Oz

Sweetest snuggle bug

Frozen Coke Icee at Target ;)

Chapstick girly

My blue eyed beauty

These curls KILL ME

Long hair don't care

Costco samples rule

Reading with Daddy

Ready for "school" (MOPS)

Such a happy girl

Looking so old!

She has chosen this book for nap everyday this week---it's a photo album of from her first Christmas when she was 3 months old. She loves going through each picture and telling me who everyone is....especially "ME BABY"

We had to go back to Costco for the millionth (third) time in a week, so we treated ourselves to ice cream

Her favorite books are the Fisher Price flap books and we have most of them, but found one we didn't have at Goodwill! Woo hoo!


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