Sunday, January 25, 2015

Everything Embry: January 25

Dallas Zoo

Okay, so I may need to go to Dallas Zoo Addicts Anonymous. Last Sunday we decided to go the three of us to the zoo and purchase our zoo pass that my parents gifted us for Christmas! And in the past seven days I've been three times, with plans to meet a group of friends Tuesday! We had a blast the three of us and saw everything!! Like made sure we went by every single exhibit! We were exhausted, but had so much fun!

She is still VERY into her "mailbox" and Mimi mailed her a real postcard...which she carried around for a few days! Including to the zoo!

E was obsessed with reading the map all day.

The most social penguin ever! Followed E around the whole time we were there.

Amazing gorillas

We got to see the chimps being let out in the morning for breakfast! It was SO cool!

Mama chimp and baby Mshindi!

E was nervous to pet the monitor so she asked for Lovey to have him pet cute!

We got to see the giraffes and zebras and elephants all running in a pen together!

You get to get SO close to the giraffes in the feeding area! It's so neat!

Shout out to Aunt Tomi in Australia!

Tuesday when Ruthie, Ford and Mimi were in town we went to the zoo and met my friend Annie and her two little ones! The kids had a ball and took fantastic naps that afternoon- score!

Checking out the gorillas


These two love their Mimi!!!


We saw the cheetah "show" where you get to see him hanging out with his BFF a black labrador!

Embry, William and Ford!

Hardcore slider!

Petting a snake =)

Cutest cousins

Saturday we got to the zoo again right at opening at 9:00 am and all six of us really enjoyed it! Embry loved it even though she had been three times in a matter of a week! It was a chilly morning, but we all still had fun. A really cool thing was the zoo had a big birthday party for the baby chimp, Mshindi! News cameras were there, they had cupcakes for everyone, etc. It was way too cute!

Gorilla selfie!

Mshindi's birthday party!

The chimps birthday breakfast!

Embry and E-Pa!

Jacob held a Madagascar hissing cockroach


E-Pa, Kiki and one of the giraffes!

Mimi, Ruthie, and Ford Visit

Mimi, Ruthie and Ford spent two days in Dallas with us and we went to the zoo, open gym and had a blast. Embry had a hard time sharing her toys with Ford to say the least......but we're working on it ;)

Embry performing a puppet show to a captive audience

Open gym!

Very into pretending everything is a train right now.

Kiki, E-Pa, and Great G-Pa Visit

Friday afternoon Kiki, E-Pa and Great G-Pa arrived from Austin and Sapulpa to celebrate Kathleen's birthday weekend! Friday we had a pho soup bar here at the house, Saturday we went to the zoo and out for Kathleen's birthday dinner at Cane Rosso! Sunday we went to brunch at a country club with a family friend and stuffed ourselves before everyone got on the road! Such a fun weekend =)

Excited for our weekend
Mommy, E and Kiki

Pho bar!

Embry, E-Pa and Kiki

Such a fun (and yummy) night.
Our four amazing pizzas at Cane Rosso

E let me paint her nails for the first time EVER! Adorable bubble gum pink!


Little lovey girl

Quite the little adventurer

Sweet cuddles with Daddy 

Twinsies after bath

Queens of the castle

FaceTime with Tomi at the park

Kale salad thief!!

She loves her little doll house

Helping bake Kiki's birthday cupcakes

This is the result of Mommy forgetting to bring Lovey in the car....

Texas girl

I kept a friends two girls for an hour before MOPS Friday and it was the best ever. The three girls played dolls quietly in the playroom the whole time and I sat on the couch reading! I need to adopt two older girls...hah!

Happy girl after MOPS

Cozy little napper

Doesn't everyone work in the kitchen in their tutu?


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