Sunday, January 11, 2015

Everything Embry: January 11

Last Coat Free Day 

Monday during nap I checked the weather on my phone and realized it was the last day all week that it was going to get out of the THIRTIES. Eeeeek. So we met Lauren and Eliot at a new-to-us park at White Rock Lake. The lighting was gorgeous and I enticed the kiddos to picking dried flowers in a field where the setting was just perfect.

Ugh, more pictures Cori?!?

Just love this one!!!! Sweetest girl!

Girl on a mission!

The Letter "A"

Last week I decided to start working on one letter per week with Embry. I got some advice from a wonderful teacher friend to start with letters that "mean something" to Embry- like E, M (mommy), D (daddy), K (Kiki), F (Ford) etc., so I'm not sure if I'll switch up or to just keep going through the alphabet. Regardless, anytime she wanted to do "crafts", which is a lot, I tried to work the letter A into things. She can definitely identify it out of a random group of letters and say it now =)

Her "A" needed a bow sticker on top

Home Days

A little play room reorganizing- I got the white cube set for FREE off of a Facebook Yard Sale page!!

Embry loves it when E-Pa comes for a work trip!

E-Pa and Dr. Embry

Pretty excited about her monthly Highlights Magazine thanks to Gramma and Grampa Great!

We've read this cover to cover multiple times. I wasn't sure she'd be old enough for the 2-5 magazine, but she totally loves it.

We have gotten hours of enjoyment out of the Highlights this month- there was a cut out Memory game inside and E has LOVED playing "matching" (I don't flip them over).

A little break from match game to hug Lovey

My little Lovey Girl

More Lego play time during Mommy Wine Time Hah

Dallas Children's Aquarium

We have a pass to the Dallas Children's Aquarium and hadn't been in forever. Jacob had to work Saturday so E and I bundled up and popped into the aquarium for a few hours. Even though it's only been a few months since we went last, Embry seemed way more into it than last time. She loved stopping and staring at each tank, really taking it all in. So fun!

The jellies are my favorite, but there weren't many in there this time =/

She loved the eels!!! Eeeekk

And this one shark kept swimming in a huge circle, so he kept passing us every minute

Clown fish tank

They're smiling at me!

High fives for the stingrays

Of course when it's 33 degrees out you must admire the fountain for 10 minutes...


Ready for the Cowboys playoff game last week!!!

We had friends over for the game- this was the final Cowboys touchdown for the W

Birthday outfit from Great Gram and Great Papa

Northpark Mall

Visiting the turtles and ducks at Northpark Mall

Our first time FaceTiming with Aunt Tomi! This is one of the kids she's an Au Pair for and is exactly 2 days older than Embry! So crazy!

One of our really good friends was in town this week so we had him for dinner one night =)

Embry with her latest masterpiece

Okay, my brilliant, fantastically artistic child now draws circles for faces ;) But I mean, really, isn't it good??

She loves looking at our Christmas cards

Valentine's wear in full force

Open gym at Lake Highlands Dallas Rec Center

Must have pink shades ;)

Smooches for Mama

Pinkalicious =)

My little laundry helper

E-Pa and Embry

E and some friends she made at the mall

Girls night when Daddy's at a work function late

Lovey telling her a secret, her new thing LOL

Happy to be back with Mommy after MOPS

Little snack-aholic

FROZEN yogurt on a freezing cold day

Only ones in the whole playscape

Her car from Grandpa Higgins arrived here in Dallas courtesy of E-Pa! She's played in it all week (I think she forgot that it moves, haha)

We went to a friends Tacky Christmas Party! It was scheduled for December but was postponed due to the stomach bug til last night so we got to attend! Yay! We went as the full on denim family!

Back off ladies! He's all mine!! Denim and all!

Photo booth wall at the party! So fun!




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