Sunday, January 4, 2015

Everything Embry: January 4

We decided to do "quarterly" updates instead of monthly posts for this year for Embry! Thursday I posted Embry's "2.25 years old" post. =)

New Years

We rung in the (EST) New Year at our neighbors house with three other couples who are friends and neighbors. So nice to throw on some mascara and walk down a few doors with the baby monitor and ring in the new year! Luckily Embry slept until almost 8:00 am the next morning to ease Mommy's champagne sleep! ;) We celebrated New Years Day by not leaving the house...well Jacob went into work for a few hours, but Embry and I spent the day inside playing the day away!

Champs with my main man!

Even Embry came to the party ;)

Embry making Mommy and Daddy much needed coffee on New Years morning

She loves her new stamp set from Kiki and E-Pa

Perfect shirt for the new year!

Sweet girl looking way too old!!

Playing, Playing, Playing

It was an exceptionally cold, rainy week this week. Even when it's cold we usually get out and about a ton, but we were home to play the week away a lot since it rained a ton!

Her new mini doll house from the Harts. She lovessssss it!

Melissa and Doug beading set. Once she got the hang of it she loved it!

Sassy side eyes

Dress ups from Aunt Tomi

Quiet time with Lovey and her doll

The singing hasn't stopped with her mini karaoke set

Her mini Ergo carrier

Such a good little mama

Little Lego girl

Bling bling!! Six rings. She wore them for hours.

Christmas keeps on coming! E got a package this week from her Great Aunt Barbara and loves her Care Bear

I'm sure this is a first time mom rose colored goggles thing, but we're super impressed with Embry's first face drawing. She loves to draw eyes, nose, mouth, chin and sometimes ears on circles to make it a face.


Chinese buffet pro

Girlfriend took a 3 hour nap, then spent a good 20 min reading in her crib. =)

Happy to be home and having taco/quesadilla night!

At our favorite local used book store!

Gotta love cereal milk

Toddler Open Gym at a Dallas Rec Center

Helping make Mommy and Daddy much needed coffee on New Years morning

What do you do when it's freezing and raining? Take your coffee to the Target toy aisle

Making muffins with Mommy

Embry's handiwork all by herself

Helping Daddy set up our Apple TV =)


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