Sunday, February 1, 2015

Everything Embry: February 1

The Zoo...Again

Yup. We went back to the zoo for the fourth time in ten days. We went with a big group of moms and kids and it was a gorgeous day. We actually got hot! Embry had fun telling Daddy about the animals that night...despite being scared out of her mind by the chimps, she talks the most about "monks" and giraffes!

Another day, another trip to the zoo

Back to visit the friendly penguins!

Embry and her four blonde beaus checking out the gorillas

The chimps! Right before a chimp came over to the kids and kicked the window SO loud. Yeah, Embry SPRINTED away and laid on the ground crying. It scared me! Poor girlie!

Snoozing cheetah. Embry kept saying- "Mimi's kitty" Hah!

The tiger sunbathing

Miss Annie taking the three kiddos on the train

William, Embry and Caroline looking at the snake

The three musketeers

Gorgeous January Week

We had the most gorgeous week this week! Temps in the 70s every afternoon made for lots of outside activities.

Painting rocks we collected at the park

We took cupcakes to another park to meet up with friends! I caught E mid-bite, but thought she looked so pretty in this pic (despite looking so serious).

Poor E inherited my sweet tooth....specifically my love of cupcakes! MMMmmm!!!

Eliot at Embry at the park
Pretty princess

We got a package all the way from Australia this week!!! Modeling her new "down under" t-shirt! And looking WAY too old!


Playing and picnicking at the Dallas Arboretum

Picking grass with Caroline

Playing soccer with all the moms and kids!

Trip to Austin

Thursday after lunch Embry and I hit the road to Austin to spend time with family and visit Gram and Papa Fanning who are in town from Chicago! Jacob met us that night and heads home today. Embry and I will stay a few more days to soak up as much of Gram and Papa as we can while they're in Texas!

She had to have her baby buckled up on our drive to Austin

Nap on the go!

Embry and Avery playing on the sport court

Hugs! One year and one day apart!

Fun with Papa

Hand washing machine at Mighty Fine Burgers was a huge hit

Great Papa won E's heart by sharing his milkshake

Indoor bounce house with Doodle Bug


Instead of playing in the bounce houses she took my keys and spent awhile trying to get into some storage room.

Kissing cousins

The two little fixers

Mimi and Papa with their grands!

Great Papa and Great Gram with their great grands!

Embry ready to celebrate Christmas at the Harts house!

Ready to open gifts!

The best present opener

Giving thank you hugs for her gifts


Her new favorite hand-me-down toy from our (much missed) old neighbors, the Grovers. Animal cracker puzzles.

FaceTime with Aunt Tomi

Selfies with Mom

It was well past Embry's bedtime when I realized poor Athena was wearing a necklace! Hahah! God bless dogs with toddler "siblings"

Saying bye to Daddy as he goes off to work!

8:00 am dress ups!

Miss Curly-Q mullet!

So many hours spent on the Animal Crack-Ups
Breaking Bad shirt! Better Call Saul!


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