Sunday, January 18, 2015

Everything Embry: January 18

One Year Cancer Free

January 16 marked Jacob's one year anniversary of being cancer free. It was crazy this week to think back to that SURREAL week we had last year. He went to his doctor for a checkup on a Tuesday, Wednesday we were in a specialist's office being told he had cancer and needed surgery that night if possible, and Thursday morning he was having his orchiectomy (testicle removal). In the "cancer world" (ugh, never dreamed we'd be a part of it at this point), the anniversary of being cancer free is a big deal. People celebrate with big events, trips, etc. Well we had a "pizza party" and ate a frozen pizza at our kitchen table, hah. Maybe next year... ;)

Busy Girls

We had play dates almost every day this week and had a lot of fun with friends doing different things around Dallas.

Open Gym at Ridgewood Dallas Rec Center

Dancing at the library

Playing choo choo train (Embry blowing an imaginary train whistle) with Caroline and William at the Lake Highlands Dallas Rec Center

My partner in crime
Embry and William at the Dallas Children's Aquarium

Poor William scared of a giant fish (that E wouldn't go near)

Acting like chickens....haha

Checking out the albino aligator

W and the stingrays

Come back stingray!
Checking out the fountains at Fair Park before heading home

Best Little Helper

Me help, me help, me help is a phrase I hear As usual, she did her fair share of "helping" this week.

Making strawberry pancakes

Helping Daddy in the kitchen

She now helps make our coffee each morning, scooping out all the coffee beans into the grinder.

If I need to keep her busy while I'm cooking dinner, I just give her a bowl of water with utensils by the sink. Keeps her super busy.

Making "carrot cake cookies"....Cooking Light's recipe and yeah they weren't good...hah


Getting the hang of her scooter!

Her treasured snail, that's still inside our house

Looking so old with her pigtail buns

Speed racer ;)

Our two best girls

Happy girl

Hiking at White Rock Lake



Sunday we stayed in our PJs all day long!

E and E cruisin in our great room

Post dinner Legos and dishes

E's first drawing of an "E" by herself on a doodle app on my phone

I'm thinking she's having a growth spurt, she's been taking 3 and one day even 4 hour naps! Crazy girl!

We still let her pick a book to take in her crib and sometimes she stays up reading and something she just cuddles with it.

I made her a "family book" with pictures of all of her aunts, uncles, cousin, grands and great grands. It came in this week and she LOVES it. 

Feeding our babies bottles



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