Sunday, November 30, 2014

Everything Embry: November 30

Short Week at Home 

The biggest thing that happened early in the week is I finally pulled the trigger on turning my old office into a play room! It's such a big room and was painted a dark green and held my desk, bookshelves, etc. I'm SO thrilled to have most of the toys out of our family room and have a nice bright, light, fun room for Embry to play in. 

We also had a fun outing to the Dallas Arboretum to check out their Twelve Days of Christmas exhibit, and it was amazing!! We went with two of my girlfriends and between us had 8 kids, all but one were 3 and under! It was kind of crazy, but Embry had a blast with her friends- running around, having a picnic, etc. We hit the road Wednesday night and made it to Austin in 2.5 hours--we've definitely learned our lesson with having 6+ hour trips when we left Wednesday afternoon!

Loving the fall colors of our big red oak tree!

My little turkey!

Birthday hat at 7am!

Breakfast with her dollies

I found her first birthday banner that to hang over her kitchen

Finally hung Jacob's Christmas present from last year -the drawing of our house!

FaceTime with Fordy boy!

Drinking "juice" with her doll

The partridge in a pear tree at the Arboretum

Sassy eyes

Making a wish!

She loves running on the "big hill" at the Arbo!

Amazing colors right now!

Austin for Thanksgiving! 

Like I said above, we got to Austin late Wednesday night and split time between our two families on Thursday, spent all day Friday with my family and all day Saturday with Jacob's. It was also Mark, Jacob's step-dad and my FIL, birthday on Thursday, so we had fun celebrating with Top Golf and out to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse on Saturday with the whole gang. We drove home last night and we noticed it was already after 8pm and we hadn't shut off Embry's DVD player yet. We looked back and she was asleep! She woke up as we pulled into our driveway and started crying. She cried and cried when we brought her inside and she kept saying NO, NO! She always has a hard time coming home from Austin...we call it her Austin Detox, hah!

Our two girls snoozing on the drive to Austin

Sitting with her dolly at her new table at Mimi and Papa's house

Hopping with E-Pa

She loves her water gun at Kiki and E-Pa's house

Cousins Jenny and Lux

Embry and Lux (about 13 months apart)

Kathleen's veggie turkey!

Table setting at the Embry's house

Sweet baby girl hugs

Great Grandma, E-Pa and Embry

Embry with E-Pa and Kiki

She's very into "holding" us...E holding Papa

Embry and Ford enthralled with Uncle James

My sweetest doodle bug!

Slam dunk with Uncle Bug!
It's all good! So thankful for another year with my family!

F and E love their Uncle James

Table setting at the Fannings

How most the meals end up- Mimi with her hands full of babies!

So thankful!
Embry not sharing her ice cream cake with Daddy

Our nights at the Fannings usually end with sore cheeks from laughing through game night!

Little Auburn fan at Jardin Corona for breakfast

Embry playing in Ford's playroom

E and her Papa

The original Fanning sibs =)

Embry did not love Santa so much..... AGAIN.

She pretty much had the same face last year and this year
Playing at the Harts house

Sweetest girl!

Cutest cousins

Daddies feeding their babies dinner

Bath time at the Harts
Top Golf on Saturday- snuggles with Daddy

Smooches for Daddy

Embry and E-Pa

Helping Kiki at Top Golf ;)

E-Pa at his birthday celebration
Kiki and E-Pa with their girl

Family photo with Jacob's whole family

I got to run and meet my good friends new baby girl in Austin during Embry's nap! Sweet baby June!!!

Birthday at Estancia!

Tired girl ready to be home...kind of! Haha!

Christmas Tree

We've had a tradition for the past three years of coming home from Austin Saturday night to avoid the Sunday traffic, and we spend Sunday morning getting our Christmas tree from Home Depot. Embry loved picking it out but was stressed we didn't have a star to put on it immediately. I think she'll be disappointed to find out that we really have an angel for the top of it. Hah!

Mommy and Embry in 2012, 2013 and 2014

Daddy and Embry picking the perfect tree in 2012, 2013 and 2014

Sliding while Daddy unloads our tree












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