Sunday, November 9, 2014

Everything Embry: November 9

Last Sunday

Our scare last Sunday when Embry fell hard and then fainted kept us laying low around the house all day. We usually limit Embry's TV to a few 20 minute shows per day, but we seriously tried to push TV and make her sit/lay as still as she could all day. I also, begrudgingly, listened to the doctors' orders and woke her up every 45 min during her nap to make sure she was okay. She went right back down both times luckily. It was seriously one of the scariest days ever! 

Outside, Outside, Outside Everybody, Outside

Okay, we watch a lot of Bubble Guppies in our house! ;) And for those of you who don't, above is the little jingle they sing when they go outside to play every episode. We spent a TON of time outside this week. Girlfriend could play in our backyard all day long! I love it! 

Poor sweetie bit her lip when she fell last week =(

Walk to the park with a few friends

My view 

Sliding fool! 

Quiet time with her baby 

Always her own biggest fan ;)

Throwing acorns 

We went to a friends' birthday park play date and E of course enjoyed a cupcake =)

Headed to MOPS!

Playing with friends at the neighborhood park 

Came home from spending 2 hours at the park with friends and she had to slide in the backyard until it was dark! 

Little Miss Long Legs riding her bike


Exciting news in our extended family! We're getting our first niece! =)

Finding out Baby Hart is a girllllllllll yayayayay

She's very into making her toys into trains....

She also loves setting up her dolls to play with toys 

Morning time family selfies 

Election Day 2012 when e was just 5 weeks old

Back to the same school for Election Day 2014! 

Driving their cars with their babies 

Eliot teaching school. He was teaching about rain (it was raining outside, haha).

Silly turkey at story time

She loves Eliot's train table 

Happy to have Daddy home!


One year apart exactly. I have an app that shows you what you posted on that date, in previous years, and Jacob came home from work and we realized he was wearing the same suit, shirt and tie! Photo recreation!

Reading books to her baby 

She set this up on her own, book her her baby and a book for her

When I picked her up from MOPS, she was on a rocking horse, playing with three dolls

Daddy and his girls cuddling 

Saturday night selfies


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