Sunday, November 2, 2014

Everything Embry: November 2

Quite the Scare

This morning Embry slept past 8:30 am! Well I guess it was technically 7:30, but we've been keeping her up a bit later each night this week for the time change and she totally got the hang of it today! 

Well within minutes of getting up, Embry did her chore of feeding Athena and was running from Athena's bowl into the living room in her footed PJs (I was in the kitchen starting to make coffee) and I hear a big thud and wails. I ran to find her on her back and assume she slipped and fell backwards. I scooped her up in my arms and she was crying, crying and then when she did the big break in her cry where it usually comes out much louder after she just went limp in my arms. It was the scariest 10-15 seconds of my life but I was just screaming for Jacob and praying she would come to. I was running towards Jacob and he met us in the kitchen and we were freaking out and then she seemed to wake up, but was silent and just cuddled into me. I cannot explain how scary it was. 

We immediately called our pediatricians after hours nurse line (which on Sundays is Children's Hospital) and the nurse let me know she thought E was just fine and probably fainted due to pain. She wanted to call our doctor to make sure she agreed that we didn't need to come in. Minutes later we heard back that Dr. Hart agreed she thinks it was vasovagal, or fainting due to pain. I should mention Jacob is quite the fainter himself and faints when he's in pain or sometimes when he sees I'm assuming this may be genetic.

So needless to say, we're hovering over her today and keeping the closest eye on her. Despite it being a nice sunny, cool day, we're going to have a movie day and try to keep Embry as relaxed as possible in case she did have a concussion, per doctors suggestion. So currently I'm cuddled up with Embry, Lovey, a doll, bunny, Dumbo, and a stuffed monkey watching Frozen. 

Not sure one little noggin has had as many prayers prayed over it than our girls. So thankful she seems to be just fine!

Halloween Festivities

We kicked off Halloween festivities last Sunday with volunteering at the church festival. Embry had a blast playing the games and collecting candy...I knew we were going to have a good Halloween with her!

The past two years our neighborhood has had a party on actual Halloween, but this year we (the moms) decided to do it the day before, so Thursday we had our third annual neighborhood Halloween Party! I still remember taking Miss E when she was 4 weeks old. Time sure flies. We had a potluck, games and crafts for the kids, etc. We were the last ones there helping the family who hosted clean up and Embry did NOT want to leave. 

Friday we went to our neighborhood library who was hosting a Halloween story time and parade! A lot of our friends were there, so E had fun showing off (twirling her dress) for everyone. Afterwards we took advantage of Monster Yogurt's free FroYo (if you were in costume). Halloween evening we went with the Cones to another church carnival (the church where we do MOPS) and then we came home and let Embry and Eliot trick-or-treat at about 4 houses on our street. By 9pm Embry was falling into her crib exhausted! We've been keeping Embry up until 8:30-8:45 all week to prepare for the time change this weekend. It's nice how it falls after Halloween so that I don't feel bad about keeping her up late ;)

Saturday morning when I asked her "what did we do for Halloween"?....Embry's answer- "TWIRL!" Needless to say she had such a fun week in her adorable costume and any time anyone told her she looked pretty or cute she would twirl for them! Kiki sure hit the jackpot when she found the Little Bo Peep costume after Halloween on clearance last year! I mean the hoop skirt was amazing! =)

Getting a rainbow painted on her arm 

SO proud! 

Thursday night ready for a party!

Little Bo Peep is sad she lost her sheep 

Police Man Eliot at the neighborhood party

Embry for some reason started crying when I wanted a picture of some of the girls and her buddies, the Grover girls, came to her immediately. Sweet friends. 

Aaaaand she's over it. 

You didn't have a chocolate cupcake, did ya bud?

Hotdogs and strawberries, a perfect party meal ;)

Pumpkin bowling 

Spoon races!

When Jacob showed up she RAN to him and twirled her dress...oh brother!

After people had left we realized we didn't have a group picture. Here's a rough attempt at one! 

Friday morning story time!

Story time dancing!


Free froyo!

e&e collecting acorns on Halloween afternoon 

Eliot the Ghost and Embry as Little Bo Peep's final performance! Halloween night!

Ghostly hugs!

Prettiest Bo Peep 

Let the games begin!!! She's now a pro at Halloween carnival games ;)

Our family on Halloween night!

Trick or treating!

Dallas Arboretum- Pumpkin Village 

We went with friends to the Dallas Arboretum for one final pre-Halloween visit to Pumpkin Village! Embry loves her buds David and Caleb and has fun playing and picnicking for a few hours Tuesday. 

Wants to be just like Mommy snapping pictures

E and the boys

As you can see, she is totally obsessed with new favorite Lovey. 

Running with David 

These eyes/eyebrows kill me

Caleb the tiger! During Toddler Tuesdays they have free face painting and as you can see the artists are amazing! Embry has zero desire for the face painting!

Kiddos running on the hill 

They were making a "campfire" 

Finally Fall Weather!

The first few days in the week were HOT, as in air conditioning blasting, sundress wearing, HOT! Ugh! Finally it's cool and even getting COLD! Regardless, we've spent a lot of the week outside. We've had picnic lunches a few days this week at the Arboretum and at home. 

Monday when I was inside unloading groceries and Embry was out back alone, she came running in and was telling me "bite, bite, bite" and wanted me to follow her outside. She was so proud she set up Lovey on her BIKE. Hahaha

Our street got repaved this week and she loved watching the workers do their magic. 

Playing with the Grover girls 

My Dad came by for a few hours one day after a meeting in Dallas! Embry loved showing off Papa to her friends! 

Smoochin' her Papa!!!

So proud of her painted pumpkin!

She went down this twirly slide no less than 18 times. 

One of my new favorite pictures of her!

Playing eye doctor 
Picnic lunch! 

Saturday morning was FREEZING!!!!!

She loves her new Minnie outfit from Great Grandma Gordon


Little geography girl, making Daddy happy ;)

Doctor Embry! 

Crib full of friends

And nap the next day...haha 

Monday night was one of the best ever! I got to go meet my all time favorite author, Jodi Picoult! I got to listen to an hour long lecture (book reading, talking about her book research and question/answer session) then got to meet her in her book signing. 

So surreal! 

Story time!

She now loves legos because of story time! 

Bedtime with Daddy (and her dolly that's almost her size)

Too cute drinking her smoothie (or ice cream as she calls it) at Costco

Daddy's girl! I sent to Jacob and he said- BUY THIS FOR HER.... I definitely did NOT

Trying to remember when she fit in the crook of my legs like this! 

Embry's 25 month chair picture on November 1 ;)

I will never get over sleeping pictures of her 

She loves lining things up and calling them Choo Choo's...also adding her Little People to 

These curls KILL ME!


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