Sunday, December 7, 2014

Everything Embry: December 7

***Jacob had his quarterly PET Scan this past week and we go to his oncologist this Wednesday December 10 for the results.***

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last Sunday after we got our tree Jacob had to spend the rest of the day working in his office on a big case that was going to trial Monday. Embry and I spent the entire day decorating for Christmas and she had so much fun helping. She insisted we put a star on top of our tree instead of our angel we have had for the past five years.

She took each piece of the nativity out of its box and set it up herself.

2012, 2013, 2014

Helping Daddy for the third year in a row
Total fake smiles in front of the tree, hah

Gramma and Grampa Great

Gramma and Grampa Great decided on a whim late last week to come down to Texas for James' basketball tournament this week/weekend. They arrived during nap time at our house Wednesday and spent the night with us. Embry was thrilled to have guests to show off for Wednesday afternoon/evening and she got to open up some early Christmas gifts from them.

Putting her gifts to use already- Minnie Mouse Play Doh stuff

Gramma Great is such a trouper- 81 years old and playing on the floor and dancing with Embry!

Puzzles with an audience

So excited to find baby Jesus

Making the connection with her flap book and nativity set

Little Explorer

I love how curious and adventurous Embry is and I have to say she's a little more brave than me. Hah! She loves exploring in the woods at a park by our house.

The "Phoebe run" (Friends anyone??)

Always with a doll or lovey in tow

Sweetest sisters!

Love E's giggle here!


She's very into dressing herself. Without me touching. Hence the backwards jeans.

More updates to the play room!

When we moved into our house we found four of these gorgeous antique chairs in our attic and I've recovered them and have them in a few rooms in the house. The two in my office were green, but this week I spent $4 in fabric and recovered both chairs!

Sweet napper. She always wants to pick out one book to sleep with. LOL

Tried my hand at homemade lemon bars this week- the lemons came from my MIL's lemon tree. They were delish!!

We went delivering lemon bars to some neighbors and found Miss Lauren and E were in matching purple footie PJs =)

Such an adrenaline junkie with Daddy

I have an obsession with holiday clothing for Miss E!

One of my new favorite photos of my sweet girl!

She spent a morning with our friends, the Grovers and she had SO much fun. We're going to miss them so much when they move! =(

Flying like birds! Embry's been quite the flier since she came home =)
Ready for MOPS
Haters gonnnnnnnaaaa hateeeee ;)
Cutest/Best MOPS craft ever! A friend and I almost teared up when we went to pick up our kiddos and saw these outside their classroom!
Long smocked dress and still can rock the bike
Mommy's little helper making chocolate chip pancakes
We had such a lazy Saturday
Working on our 2014 family photo album and Embry pulled out her computer to "work"
Shoes on to go help Daddy!! Yay!!!
Biggest helper
E asked us for a snack and ran off with the banana. We found she had set up "Hop Hop" with food and drinks
The perfect Saturday night!!

"Oh no!!" 


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