Sunday, November 16, 2014

Everything Embry: November 16


Well we had a very brief Fall and it seems like it's winter here in The Big D! It was quite pleasant the first few days, but man, it's been COLD! But that hasn't stopped Miss E from playing, or wanting to play, outside! 


She did NOT want to come inside for nap. 

Sliding with Mama 

Pink winter boots are a must, right?
Running from the gym to the darn cold!

Looking so grown up!

Christmas Card!

One afternoon when it wasn't TOO bitter cold I decided if Embry woke up from nap in a good mood I'd take her and Athena to the park to try to snap our Christmas card picture! Luckily, within about 2 minutes I got the winner! Here are a few outtakes of Miss E by herself that are too cute not to share! 


Driving to church with Daddy. Okay, just driving in the parking lot.....okay, just in the parking space ;)

Disney, meet baby Jesus hahah

She bossed us around one morning and made us all sit in a line on the fire place. 

Thanksgiving arts and crafts 

The door to our hot water heater is pretty hidden and I painted it with chalkboard paint a few months ago. I had kind of forgotten about it until E was begging to go outside when it was freezing to do chalk. 

E-Pa came to town for work and stayed with us one night! 

Despite having two little chairs to her table, she pulled up a big one for herself and made E-Pa sit in the little one! Hahah 

Bounce house at Toddler Open Gym

She LOVES these rubbery octopus things at this open gym and she spent a lot of time collecting and lining them up. At one point a friend I was there with told me to go look at Embry sitting with them! Hahah. No clue where she gets her Type A-ness from ;)

I've learned packing a PB&J sandwich for when we're going to be out and about saves us from having to come home early to fit in lunch. So nice to feed her in the car and get home just in time for nap! 

We now have to get "ice cream" (smoothie) every time we go to Costco. Even when it's 33 degrees out. PS-Jacob texted me and said she looked like me in this pic. I think she was looking like me a bit a few months ago, but is back to being 98% Jacob! Haha

Helping me cook great Papa Fanning's clam chowder!

No shame in our Christmas game! I will probably decorate before Thanksgiving too! 

One morning she told me she was having a tea party with Papa and Woof-Woof. She of course said her prayers first =)

We went to the Galleria playscape with Eliot and Lauren Friday! So fun, minus the two E's getting a good head bonk in. (It's why E has a red mark on her face in the rest of the pictures....)

Right when we got home she had to go run to her chair to "daw" (draw) 

She also loves to write with a pen and calls it her "boo boo book". On Doc McStuffins (a show she watches) she writes down each patients info in "the big book of boo boos". Embry loves to pretend to write down boo boos!

I love finding her little scenes set up. 

I went to a baby shower Saturday to celebrate one of my first friends in Dallas, Ashli, and her soon to be baby boy! 

Who needs blocks when your dad is a book hoarder?


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