Sunday, November 23, 2014

Everything Embry: November 23

Happy Birthday Athena

Seven years ago we (Jacob, but we were dating seriously at the time) adopted Athena and she seriously has been the best dog ever! We consider November 18, the day we picked her up, her birthday and she was estimated to be one year old at the time. So this week she turned eight! 

Our birthday girl and her birthday bone!

I put 5 treats in a glob of peanut butter and let e&e blow out the candle

Daddy and Embry each sported their "woof-woof" pajamas on Athena's birthday =)

They're not related are they? ;)

This was Athena's first trip to my family's lake house when we'd had her for about a month. Jacob's all time favorite picture of her. 

Busy Body

Play-Doh family members 

We discovered she loves (Daddy's) post it notes

Doodle Magic Pad

These blocks are one of the most used toys we have! Such a great gift from Kiki and E-Pa last year for Christmas! 

Toddler Open Gym fun with Caleb

Why would you play with all the fun toys when you can run on the bleachers. 

We delivered dinner to a friend with a new baby this week and Embry had a ball playing with big brother William 

She loves her little figurines

Trying to find Africa

She's always building block creations for her toys

Thinking she's SO big at a mall play scape

She had so much fun running around with an older set of sister and brother siblings.

One evening I realized she'd done her puzzle backwards--the shapes all have colors on one side.

Our good friends the Grovers gave E some of their toys they'd outgrown and these binoculars have been the hit of the week!

E's friend Amity (6 years old) made her a book about the color green. So sweet. E's loved reading it over and over!

St. Francis Park 

St. Francis park is not even a mile away and is honestly one of the best photo spots I've found. I'm still not quick with my good camera at getting the settings correct for the takes me awhile. But the lighting at the park is always great in the afternoon and the trees and wooded area are perfect. One afternoon Embry, Athena and I went to the park and Lauren and Eliot met us after a bit. Embry had remembered Jacob taken her through the path into the woods and made me follow her and Athena. They're braver than me, haha.

My little explorers!

Big strong Eliot

Lauren and I were totally being stage moms and made them hug.....hahah

Ring Around The Rosie made for some cutttteeee pics!


After church last week we tagged along with Jacob for a haircut. 

Curly Q's 

Sunday night it snowed! Big soft flakes! Crazy!!

REAL pigtails! 

The hair kills me!

We got to see our good friend, Justin, who was in Dallas a few weeks between jobs! Here he is with the Marine Bear he got Embry almost 2 years ago

2013 and 2014
Best buds in the bath

The day twice a month that Embry looks forward to the most- "SCHOOL" (MOPS) She LOVES going to her "school"

We got to have a quick visit from E-Pa while he was in town for work!

Jacob tells me I'm obsessed with her curly's true

E's been super congested/snotty/coughing all week so each night before bed we steam the bathroom and hang out for a bit. She's been sleeping great, so I think it really helps!

I pledge allegiance to the flag...
Embry helping me prep for paint! Finally redoing my old office into a play room!

Our chauffeur to date night ;)  We dropped E off at Eliot's house and Jacob and I did dinner and a movie (Hunger Games: Mockingjay!)

Got these next three pics from Lauren of Embry- chowing on a lemon

Baby long legs! Having a picnic with Eliot

"Counting the raindrops"



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