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Everything Embry: October 26

Tragedy.... Favorite Lovey is Gone!!!

I know I'm being overly emotional about this, but if you know Embry, you know that "Favorite", her best lovey, was basically her best friend. She has become SO, SO attached to it and it literally came everywhere with us. If she was sad or happy or went somewhere new, or to the gym daycare, or anywhere, she had to have Favorite. She also signs for him still and her sign is crossing her arms and rocking like she's rocking a baby. She's never gone to sleep without Favorite. 

Friday we went to a playdate and know that we had Favorite in the car on the way to stop at two stores. We parked in a shared parking lot of Goodwill and Aldi's Grocery. We went to Goodwill first where she had it. I got a piece to my Halloween costume and we were in the store for maybe 15 minutes. Then we ran into Aldi's and got a few groceries. When I was loading the car I realized she didn't have lovey. So we ran into each store and tore them apart. Twice each. By that point it was already past naptime and E was exhausted. I was crying talking to workers in each store giving my phone number and contacts.

When we got home and she was walking inside she immediately started signing Lovey and it broke my heart!! It took her 45 minutes to go down and she cried and yelled "No! No! No!" the whole time. She didn't want me to rock her, but she'd let me eventually pat her back. We had FOUR almost identical lovies to hopefully avoid this situation, but about a year ago she really decided she liked Favorite only. The saddest thing of Friday was watching her dig around her crib crying NO to the lovey look-alikes. 

Well after finally falling asleep, she woke up and immediately took to the next most worn white bear lovey (almost identical to Favorite) and her velveteen rabbit. We drove BACK to the stores and went through them a third time each and talked to the workers (who think I am a complete PSYCHO I'm sure) and no luck. But, basically she seems to be over it, but I'm still not. I don't know why I'm so emotional about it, but I am. I'm still sad when I see pictures of her with Favorite, but am glad I have so many since she basically has toted it everywhere for the past 6 months. But she went to bed great with Jacob on Friday and has been fine all weekend!

Saddest thing

We were both pretty much bawling at this point.

Digging through her crib mates to try to find Favorite

She went down for bed JUST fine with Daddy and her new favorite....

Lovey stand in draped over her face

Trekaroo Trip to Waco

Ruthie and I got the opportunity to go spend two days in Waco with the babies with Trekaroo.  The city of Waco hosted us and put us up in a fancy hotel (Hotel Indigo) and we went to the Baylor Bear Habitat, Mayborn Museum, and Cameron Park Zoo. The babies are at a fun point where they really like playing with each other! I knew them being 10 months apart would seem like a lot for the first year or two, then they'd be best buds. I think we heard Embry say in "Oh no, Boory!!!" about a hundred times. She likes to boss him around that's for sure. 

Embry has now been to five Children's Museums and I think this was the best one yet. It just was so big and had SO much to do! The babes were worn out Tuesday night! We also had a blast at the zoo and both E and F were so into the animals, so that made it even more fun. 

The babies LOVED the "bubbles" (chandelier)

Mine and Embry's hotel room

Visiting the Baylor Bears! The city of Waco had gift baskets for us and the babies loved their stuffed bears!

More chandelier admiring!

Mayborn Museum!

Watching the trains

My little shopper

Not quite understanding the concept here....

Time for a cousin tea party

Embry said her prayers before she ate =)

Embry loves some Embry ;)

Music time

Little Indian Princess

Human sized bubbles

Cousin duet

Play time in the shower

Wig party!

Cuddles in bed before bedtime

Sorry girlfriend! No babies in Mama's bed!

Cuddling with Favorite =(

Cameron Park Zoo!

Ford loved the cougars!!!

Daddy's favorite- the jaguars!

She loved feeding this "giraffe"

Such a fun trip!!

Time at Home

Embry is really turning into a little person and it's SO fun! Besides the lovey debacle, this week was a really great week and her little creative imagination is starting to come out and I just adore it. I also feel like we go in waves where she's not fun to be at home with...well where it's more fun to be out of the house with her and when we're at home she's just clingy or bored. But we're at a fun point where she loves playing with her toys and she does well for long periods of time alone. She also is really into her "trinket" type toys like her little dress up Minnie or her Little People. Anyway, throughout the week I caught so many cute glimpses of her little brain hard at below.

I found a size 5 Minnie costume for $1.00 at a thrift store and had to buy it and sure enough it's been worth it!

Family cuddles in our bed in the morning

Love how she set up her special glass figurine she got from the Premers for her birthday to sit and eat breakfast one morning.

Her dog "woof-woof" came to Kroger with us and she was SO cute pulling him through the store.

Busy on her slide while I unloaded groceries

She loves getting her body traced with chalk

Doing a pumpkin craft Aunt Ruthie brought her!
She's always loved stickers, but my jaw hit the floor when I saw her setting up her bunny with stickers, as if he was doing the stickers himself. Jacob (unbiased of course) thinks this was a genius move!

She was looking for Daddy and she made herself a pair of binoculars. (Video below too)

E in her new birthday jeggings from Eliot =)  (and Eliot's fashionista mama)

Girlfriend LOVES escalators at the mall

Favorite Lovey hat  (sad face......)

She's been napping SO great lately- 3 hours or so. One day she took an almost 4 hour nap and was so groggy and cuddly when she got up

Opening more birthday gifts that keep coming =)

Lit and Lyrics and a friend's church!

Embry and Benjamin- a friends 6 month old who's only 4 pounds less than E!

New baby pumpkin

Friday night we had a pizza picnic in the living room when Jacob got home! She DANCEDDDDDD around like it was Christmas morning when we said we were having a picnic!

When she fed Athena I kept hearing her say More! More! More! When Athena was only eating a few kibbles at a time.

When Jacob and I were cleaning up we realized she had set up her bunny to eat her left over breadsticks! How cute is that?

And then she gave it to Athena to cuddle

Saturday afternoon lunch picnic while Daddy did yard work. (As you can see the velveteen rabbit is making a LOT of appearances)

She took all of the pieces to her number puzzled and lined them up and told us Choo choo! Then she went and got her Fisher Price Little People and put the people on the train. So cute. All unprompted.


I think she may be ready for dress-ups soon! Trying on Daddy's clown costume.

She got in this get up herself. Those knee highs are Daddy's no-show ankle socks! Hah!

Ice cream girlie

Saturday Jacob and I went to a neighbors Halloween party! Luckily it was 2 doors down so our monitor worked there. Parents of the year, yeehaw! Don't worry we had our house locked up and our alarm set ;)

Despite it being a 70's themed costume party, Jacob pulled out his Hobo clown costume from college....hahah

First Pony Tail 

As her first set of pigtails had their own shoutout on the blog, her first real pony tail gets the same. One day after nap, E was cuddling on my lap and I was playing with her hair and realized I could pull it all back in a pony tail! It needed to be slicked back and her little Farrah Faucet whispies broke out almost immediately, but still she looked so cute and so grown up. Almost too old.... so I haven't done it again! Haha!


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