Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Everything Embry: September 2

23 Months Old....

How is my baby girl a month from two years old! Wow! Click here for her 23 month post from yesterday. Also, I had the hardest time choosing her picture this month. Here are the other top two contenders!

Oh no! I'm almost TWO! 

And I almost allowed this lovey picture be her "official" 23 month picture only because she is in the BIGGEST lovey phase right now, OMG!
Some other cute outtakes....

Who me?? ;)

Jumping machine

Almost complete!!! 

Third Man Down

Unfortunately last week Jacob got the stomach bug Embry and I had and unfortunately it happened on a work day for him. Jacob doesn't get any paid sick days and he is literally the hardest worker I know, so off to work he went and he suffered through the whole day there =( Embry wouldn't leave Daddy's side when he got home and also helped herself to his toast in bed. It was pretty much the cutest thing. Luckily Jacob woke up the next morning feeling back to normal! 


Our favorite breakfast taco joint! 

We went to a friends church Sunday and it's held at a Rec Center. After the service they had a back to school "party" for the kids. 

Embry got to try her first cotton candy! She was confused at first, but then loved it when she realized it was sugar. Hah

For the first time I went to a gym (partners with my gym I go to in the early mornings) about 10 min away with free childcare. There was a class I wanted to try and so E went to the daycare. She immediately ran in and went straight for the play kitchen (under the window). 

Steel City Pops

At Costco, the receipt "checkers" ALWAYS draw a smiley face on the back of the receipt for kids. Well this one drew one with a bow on top and Embry kept pointing to it saying "bow" and then she'd point to the picture, then to herself. Hah

Our neighbor invited us and a few other neighbors for dinner one evening. E was the only kid so we took her backpack full of toys and she insisted on bringing some play food over. 

While there she randomly got her first bloody nose. So odd. 

Sassy girl out running errands with Mama

She just kills me

Crazy new carts at a grocery store. Plays videos?!?!

Lovey scarf ;)

Dancing at the library 

Dallas Children's Aquarium 


We got to see this iguana eating fruit...Embry was mesmerized and kept giggling at it's long tongue grabbing the fruit. 

She got a kick out of the stingrays this visit 

"Hi Stingray, this is Lovey"  ;)

Introducing Lovey to the sea turtle 

A HUGE benefit to living in the city versus the suburbs are all of the libraries around. In a 3 mile radius of our house there are THREE fantastic public libraries, two of which were built in the past few years. We tried a "faraway" library (3 miles away) story time in addition to our neighborhood library. We found out after story time they bring out boxes of toys to play with! So fun! 

Labor Day at the Lake

We spent the long holiday weekend at the Fanning lake house with my whole family. It was such a nice getaway. Embry was back to NOT loving the sand, but just wanted to spend the entire time in the lake and kept asking for "more, more, more" waves (when boats would pass by). Too funny. We had lots of cousin play time- Ford is just learning to walk, so it's cute to see them interact with each other that way. Embry kept wanting to help Ford walk which was hilarious in itself. We got home yesterday but Jacob has today off which we're spending as some nice relaxing home family time! So nice! 

On the road to the Hill Country 

Monkey babies eating their bananas 

Lazy lake days!

The three men messing with the lake toys =)

Nice long lake naps are the best!

Applesauce popsicles at the lake

Ford was a fan!

Cousin sink bath time 

Shrimp boil selfie

Lake living =)

The only time she enjoyed the sand was when Papa was playing with her 

Selfies on the boat! Fanning girls =)

Uncle Bug and Demi =)

Cutest Papa and Mimi around!

Jacob stayed behind one afternoon to watch the babes while we went on a boat ride. 

Cousin wrestling 

Life is better at the lake

Papa's girl 

Seriously the best sleeper- we told her- Embry it's nap time, go to sleep and she obeys =) 

A few minutes later 


She's been very into stacking lately 

Her hair is getting long! Yay!

We picked up a bunch of free Melissa and Doug play food someone was giving away this week 

And she's been quite obsessed with it. Having to bring it along with us on errands and into her crib for bed. 

It was National Dog Day this week! We LOVE our Sweet Athena! Best dog ever! (BTW I didn't notice until the next day I had two of the same pictures on my little collage- whoops)

Popsicle time 

FaceTime with Ford!

E's a big fan of roasted cauliflower and carrots!

Front porch sittin'

My tough, tough girl face planted on the concrete when we were out one afternoon. She fussed a bit because I think it scared her (she was running fast on a brick road) and by the time I got to her she was done crying. Seriously, she's crazy!

Kiki bought Embry this Halloween costume at an end of season clearance deal and it couldn't be cuter!! I tried it on her and she LOVED it. She kept twirling and wouldn't take the giant bonnet off! 

Friday it had been close to 3 hours since I put Embry down and I looked in the monitor kind of shocked she was still asleep and I found her kicked back reading a book. 

Then when I went in, she didn't want out of her crib. She read for another 10 minutes while I was in another room. 

Diva and her jewelry


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