Sunday, September 21, 2014

Everything Embry: September 21

Fire Station Field Trip

We went on a "field trip" to our neighborhood fire station this week with two other moms and three little boys. It was so fun and E loved playing in the truck! I actually really liked the tour and learning the behind the scenes stuff about the station.

Chocolate chip, PB pretzel cookies we took to the firemen! So yummy!


It's hard to see, but this is the gym daycare and Embry is hanging over the pack n play to see the babies. I peeked in on her halfway through my workout and she was on the floor with the babies. Such a little mama.

Open gym at a local rec center!

Kiki, E-Pa and Great G-Pa Visit

Friday afternoon Kiki, E-Pa and Great G-Pa all arrived for the weekend. I got Jacob tickets to the Oddball Comedy Festival for Friday night so the grands all babysat Miss E while Jacob and I had a date night. We all had a great weekend with our visitors, especially Embry who loves having extra people to "mome on" (come on!!) and boss around! Hah!

Wrestling with E-Pa =)

Oddball Comedy Festival!

Date night!!!!!!!

Checking on sweet girl when we got home

Wearing her birthday hat from last year's golden birthday! (Which she hated the hat then!)

Opening an early birthday gift that arrived from Gramma and Grampa Great!

Come on Great G-Pa

Coloring with Kiki

I'll try that margarita ;)

Out to dinner Saturday night!

I told the adults I wanted to get a picture before we left and Embry posed right in front of me and wanted me to snap a pic. Hah!

Love this series of photos....

OUCH! Haha

'mon Kiki! Let's go read!
Saying goodbye to Great G-Pa

Trip to Dallas isn't complete without breakfast at Hypnotic Donuts

She ate every last bite of her donut


We got an Abilene gift basket last week and Embry has really taken to a buffalo that was in the basket, hah! She loves the darn thing.

I mean, she's just the darn cutest thing ever!

Drawing with chalk outside alone

Loves Mommy's homemade popsicles

She loves pretending to sleep =) (and actual sleep for that matter, hah)

Loved our latest thrift store fine- a whole set of Mickey Mouse characters for $1.91

Ready for MOPS!!!

Love the fish at MOPS



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