Friday, September 26, 2014

Everything Embry: September 27

I'm posting a day earlier than I normally do since Embry and I are off to a birthday party here in Dallas and then headed to Austin for one of my best friends' baby showers! =) We'll be there all of Embry's BIRTHDAY WEEK!! Woo hoo!! And then her party is next weekend! I will post on Wednesday on her final monthly post ;) The monthly photo project is now complete! Yay!


Shhhhhh. Her Little People sleeping while grocery shopping

At the gym, she loves the mirrors outside of the childcare

Open gym

Met some friends for a picnic lunch one day
Perot Museum =)

She's on again with the sand. Hated it a few weeks ago at the lake house.

I won this awesome coloring set at MOPS last week for the door prize =) Got put to use while getting the oil changed this week ;)

Birthday Festivities Begin

Embry has had some birthday gifts sent to our house this week and she LOVES opening them. (Videos below).

We also had a birthday play date on Thursday for our friends here in Dallas. I called it a play date versus a party so we didn't get gifts, girlfriend already has enough toys ;) We had Minnie Mouse cupcakes and 21 kids showed up! Embry loved having a house full of friends.

Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Most of the gang!

Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum

Pumpkin Village opened this week at the Dallas Arboretum and it's my all time favorite! We probably went 10 times in the month and a half it was open last year. Embry has loved seeing pumpkins out and about this year and loooooovved it when we walked into the Arboretum. She first was walking around saying AND signing "more, more, more, more".


She has started a new, silent pout when she gets her feelings hurt...hah

Vanity =)

Monday night I went out on a girls night and Embry wasn't so sure about me leaving. (She was fine the second I left of course)

Still one of her all time favorite toys

Gosh she's cute!!!!

Sweet sleeping girls
e&e bath time

Bear hugs!

Cool mornings equal fleece jackets on morning walks!

Our mum baskets are blooming =)

Little Mama with her doll

Her mother's daughter? I think so! Vacuum on girl!

Crazy hair

Mean Mommy wouldn't let her bring bubbles in the car hah!

Sassy eyes ;)

Little Mexican dress from Kiki and E-Pa and their trip to Mexico

This girl and her chalk and bubbles! Wanted to go out alone and play!



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