Saturday, September 6, 2014

Everything Embry: September 7

Latest Obsession

Embry has a new obsession and so do I. Last weekend at the lake she got a Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker set from my parents and it has LITERALLY kept her busy for HOURS. I love that she's to the phase where she's not over a toy in 5 seconds. I keep these put up and if I need her to stay contained/busy for awhile I ask if she wants her "special stickers" and she is obsessed. She has sat for a HOUR straight doing them. Amazing.  


Ruthie and Ford tagged along with Jon to Dallas for business this week. The Harts were here Thursday-Saturday and we had so much fun with them in town!

Trip to the Children's Aquarium was a big hit!

Tippy toes

Sweet stingray girly


Poor Ford was a client at Embry's hair salon....which meant lots of spraying water and hair combing.

Backyard fun!

Eliot came over to join the cousins one afternoon =)

Popsicles in the pool

Sidewalk chalk fun

I mean,  don't think they could be cuter!!

Big boy!

Smooches for Aunt Ruthie

Two toddlers now =)

Early morning water tabling =)

A little front porch swinging before the Harts headed home Saturday


Naked water table action.....with floaties...haha!

Doing her makeup

Helping Mommy water the flowers

Loved looking at herself in the camera with a Mohawk

Story time at the library!

Getting so good at her shape sorter

Two dollies eating breakfast

Is it a cup, or a phone?
We had our first week at MOPS and we both LOVED it! Embry ran right into her new big girl class and I was told by two other moms dropping kids of in the room, she was just playing away while everyone else cried.

When I picked her up she ran, grabbed her two bags and gave me her drawing she did and was SO proud saying "daw, daw, daw, daw, daw" (draw)

Pretty posing Athena =)

Family park trip

Eliot and his fam were out of town this weekend, but it didn't stop E from having to go knock on his door when we passed their house. It didn't turn out so well....

She was VERY sad Eliot wasn't home

Prayers before lunch

Mama's girl eating sweet peas!!!

Little sweepers

Magnetic "paper" dolls




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