Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everything Embry: September 14

Our Week

We had a fun, short week! We did our normal weekly activities, played with friends, etc. and then got to go away on a long weekend (below). Most notable this week, I finally feel like Embry is having a language explosion! Although, she's hard to understand and doesn't enunciate well, she is saying TONS of new words everyday. She also started putting two words together...finally! Her first little word pairing = More Ford (mo Boooor). We had just watched a video of Ford on my phone and she kept saying it over and over when it ended. It was closely followed by her asking for more bows for her hair! Yup, cutest ever! She's now using two word combos a lot, yay!

Happy Grandparents Day to all of our Grandparents and Embry's Grands! (Last Sunday)

So true!

Miss Pinkalicious

So happy with Mommy's "Minnie mouse"...haha

Helping Daddy take the trash out

She's obsessed with her pull dog- named "woof woof". She asks to take him to bed for nap and night and we always sneak in and grab him out since he has a long string.

Still loving her "special stickers"

Toddler open gym at a local rec center

Nothing better than a new container of chalk!

Holding Woof-Woof's string

She's been such a Daddy's girl all week! She must have known it was Daddy's birthday!

My friend Candis with two girls kept Embry for me for a few hours Wednesday and I got these two pictures from her =)

Having fun with Candis' girls

This sassy face

What IS this new stuff!?!? Hahah

She's also been LOVING this Melissa and Doug toy from the Harts

Snuggles with Woof Woof

Patriotic girl

Lunch with E-Pa who was in town for work

Delivering cookies to Eliot who was sick

Jacob's Birthday Weekend in Abilene

We just got back from a FABULOUS three day weekend in Abilene. Friday was Jacob's 29th birthday and he took the day off and we got on the road early in the morning for our weekend getaway. I was asked by Trekaroo and the City of Abilene if I'd be up for a long weekend in Abilene to see the sights, stay in a gorgeous rental home, eat at all of the best restaurants and then write about it on Trekaroo.... SOLD! We were treated like royalty and had such a great time! We stayed in the historic downtown area in a luxurious rental home, eat like kings and queens and got to go to two museums, the fair, and the zoo! We had so much fun celebrating Jacob's birthday and just hanging out as a family.

Embry making herself comfy in our room =)

Jacob's birthday lunch!


Fun at the children's museum (The Grace Museum)

Dr. Embry Higgins had a balllll with the life-size Operation Game


Birthday pre-dinner cookies

At the steakhouse, Embry pointed to this and said HOME! Yup, we have the same picture in our kitchen.

Birthday meal! We each got the same thing! =)


Birthday bedtime snuggles

We brought a few toys and books of Embry's for the trip, but she had SO much fun with a decorative set of dominos. Making "trains" and "towers"

I mean, she's the cutest!

At the Frontier Texas Museum

Jumping at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo

Ferris wheel

She wasn't so sure about the rides....

We ended up getting off the carousel =/

She just preferred to run rather than ride the rides

Best thing ever at the steakhouse we went to on Saturday--called the Nanny Platter!

The Nanny Platter had finger foods to keep E busy during her meal without shoving her full of dinner rolls. Genius!


Making friends at the restaurant

Embry also decided she LOVED... quail! Yummy!

Chalk to keep the kids busy!

One of our favorites!

Love our little navigator reading her map....upside-down



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