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Everything Embry: December 1

We'll get E's 14 month post up early this week =)

Sick Baby

Sunday Embry was like we had never seen her. Our busy, busy, busy girl laid in my lap the ENTIRE day. She only wanted Mommy and just sat and cuddled all day long. She ran a fever pretty much all day. That night she woke up twice in the night and had to be patted back to sleep. She was quite pitiful. Monday morning, she was still running a fever, so I called the pediatrician and took her in. We were still (barely) within 48 hours of the onset of the fever, so if it were the flu she could be treated with Tamiflu if we caught it by 3:00 pm. Luckily, it wasn't the flu, or ear infection, or anything. Just a nasty cold with a lingering fever. I do think it was a 48 hour thing, because she was a different child after her afternoon nap on Monday. We're so happy to have our happy girl back!

Got out of Mommy's lap late Sunday afternoon to feed her sweet!

Monday morning, still feeling bad. 

Perked up outside to head to the doctor

Stopped at Babies R Us on our way home from the doctor to buy a Nose Frida. 

Two baby dolls, a lovey, and a stuffed bear. Oh this girl and her cuddley toys.

Monday evening, feeling good enough to destroy the kitchen!

Photos Pre-Austin Trip =)

E tried a crackers with goat cheese this week and LOVED them. Had them for multiple snacks and with meals! 

Naked shopping. 

No bag or purse is safe from her. 

Someone doesn't like when Mommy loads the car without her! 

Thrift store shopping =) We found this adorable Gap coat for $2.49! 

Scanning the boys section for cousin Ford 

My best grocery store helper.... 

Hah, our beer girl. She loves getting into the beer and soda...

Kelsey had to come to the store with us!

Sweet kisses 

Our walks are getting awfully chilly 

Playing with a new puzzle 

ANDDD the face I get when I take away the puzzle because it's dinner time 

FaceTime with Ford (e with goat cheese all over her) 

Morning cuddles with our prospective, beloved drinks! 

Post story time reading 

Looking at Daddy online =)

Thanksgiving in Austin

We didn't hit the road until Wednesday night. We've made the mistake of leaving Wednesday during the day, and our three hour drive has taken us six. We left about 6:30, stopped for food and still made it in 3.5 hours, which I call a Thanksgiving Miracle! Haha! And Embry fell asleep right at her bedtime, 7:30, and slept the rest of the way. 

We spent the first half of the day with my family and the second half with Jacob's. We're sleeping at Jacob's family's home all weekend, so when we walked in the door before 7:00 am to the Fanning's E was THRILLED to see her crew! She's been quite the Mommy's girl lately, but DOVE out of my arms into Mimi's arms. And spent the whole day in Mimi's arms. She wouldn't let her put her down. She's a Mimi's girl to say the least. 

Pretty sunrise over Austin

Ford and Uncle Jacob

Our little family! So thankful for these two! 

My little man!

Beautiful table setting 

Embry's table setting by Mimi 

My mom always does ornaments for our place settings, so fun! 

After Embry's afternoon nap we headed back to Jacob's family and had our second meal of the day. It was so fun, we got to meet Jacob's cousins baby girl, Lux, who was 16 days old. I had gotten her a matching Thanksgiving dress to Embry's in Newborn size. She's a teeny little thing, still under 7 pounds! It was so fun to get some newborn snuggles in. 

Embry and her doll at Kiki and E-Pa's house

Embry and Lux in matching dresses

Great Grandma Gordon and her two great grand daughters 

Jenny, me and the baby girls =)

Jeremy and Jacob are first cousins

The cousins with their girls, E was wanting only Mommy at this point

Grandma and her two grandsons and two great granddaughters 

Embry helping Kiki load the dishwasher at the end of the day! Hah!

We spent all day Friday with Jacob's family where we went to lunch to celebrate E-Pa's birthday and then spent the afternoon at a neighborhood park, where Embry had a ball! 

Helping E-Pa open his birthday gift from Embry 

Birthday lunch!

The Higgins Boys

Auntie Sam and E

Daddy and Uncle Luke with E

Park time with e-pa (and her purse of course)

Happy Girl 

Sliding with Kiki

Dinner time....messiest girl!

Saturday we got up and headed over to spend the day with my family! The whole gang was awake when we arrived before 7:00 am so we all headed out to IHOP for breakfast. Midday, James has a basketball game that we all got to go to (and watch him win, woohoo!). We spent the rest of the day playing with babies and playing games. We hit the road late evening and Embry slept the whole way home! 

Breakfast out! 

Everyone loves an 8:00 am romp on the sport court, right?? 

So my parents house already has gobs of toys for Embry to play with. She knows right where to go when she gets there. My mom and I went into the "toy attic" to see if there was anything else she was ready for to bring down.... let's just say Embry may want to live at Mimi and Papa's house... these are ALL toys!!!! 

MORE toys galore! I can't wait for Embry and Ford to get into these in a few years!

Boxes of dolls! E's jackpot! 

Mimi and Papa's slide!


Slam dunk! Thanks Papa!

Taking good care of her baby at the basketball game. 

Cheering with Mimi!

Reading with Aunt Tomi

Post nap snuggles with Mimi

E wouldn't let Mimi play our game without her on her lap. 

Papa and his babes 

"Jumping" with Mimi (cute video below)

Mr. and Mrs. they come any cuter????


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