Sunday, December 29, 2013

Everything Embry: December 29

Leading Up To Christmas....

We spent the weekend and four days leading up to Christmas with Jacob's family. On last weeks blog I posted about the trail of lights and Christmas party we went to. Monday Jacob's parents had to work, so we spent a few hours at my parents house and out to lunch. Then Uncle Luke got into town and Embry got some time to play with him! 

Brushing Santa's hair....

Reading at Mimi and Papa's

Daddy and Daughter on their phones.... (E on my phone)

Uncle Luke, Embry, and Daddy

This girl loves her avocados/guac!

Playing in the tub with Uncle Luke

Embry was playing with my phone and I heard clicking....she was taking selfies....

When I took my phone back from Embry, I was getting Instagram notifications.... I realized she had posted her picture to Instagram?!?!?! 

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning we had brunch and presents with Jacob's immediate family. Embry, of course, was very spoiled with so many fun gifts! (As were me and Jacob!!!) That afternoon we had Christmas at Grandma Gordon's house with the Gordon side of the family. We had a wonderful meal, good time with family and more showering of gifts!!!

Pushing Sophie in her doll stroller

In my Christmas jammies....

Trying her first Round Rock donut 

Let the gifts begin!


Opening gifts with Uncle Luke

More gifts with Aunt Sam

Playing with her new pizza set!

Uncle Adam, Aunt Sam and a wiggly Embry 

New books with Kiki

Helping E-Pa play Telestrations

Working on her new pizza

Embry and E-Pa

Christmas Eve Day

Uncle Luke

Playing in Grandma Gordon's kitchen 

Enjoying Christmas Eve dinner

Family selfie

Present time

Playing with Grandma Gordon's tree

Great Grandma Gordon, E and Kiki

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning we woke up at my parent's house after Embry had a restless night. She hadn't napped well the day before and didn't go to bed until 8:00 pm. (We had stayed at the Christmas Eve celebration a little later than planned). She was up a few times in the night and then up at 5:30 am. Me, Jacob and Embry got up and did Santa with Embry (opened her stocking) and exchanged gifts with each other. Ford was also a little under the weather and had a bad night, so we didn't start gifts as a group until after morning nap. She took a good nap, and seemed in much better spirits! We had a great day opening gifts, playing with the babies, eating, chatting, playing games, etc!

Super cute videos of her on Christmas morning!

Ford took his morning nap on me =)

Opening her make up set from Mimi and Papa

Opening more gifts
Breakfast break. French toast and egg casseroles

The last two left eating 

Two bracelets out of her new make up kit

During present time the dogs were gated in the other half of the downstairs, hah!

Opening more gifts

Another favorite gift, her magna-doodle

Our big gift from my parents

Our family on Christmas 

Papa and his grands!

E kept wanting to get into the excersaucer 

Uncle Jacob and Ford

Christmas Dinner! 

After Christmas

We spent three days after Christmas with my family where we basically just relaxed and enjoyed the time off together. Friday, Jacob and I even had a day time date thanks to Mimi keeping Embry for a few hours! (We went to the mall to do some exchanges and then to lunch and to see Anchorman 2--our FIRST movie at the theater since Embry's been born!) It's been a wonderful week having Jacob off and all being in Austin together! We came home last night and are spending today getting back into the swing of things here in Dallas. 

"I'm the cutest niece" onesie from Aunt Tomi

Three generation selfie 

First taste of chocolate milk, not a big fan 

Haha yuck 

Playing on Mimi and Papa's playscape!


Kept wanting to go down by herself! 

In their matching "I'm the cutest nephew" and "I'm the cutest niece" outfits from Aunt Tomi

Thanks Aunt Tomi!

Mimi and Papa and their grands!! 
Game night! We are such a game family and I LOVE it!
Cousin bath time 

Snacking on raw onions...this was her second chunk and she ate it all! So silly???!!!

Busy shopping

Flirting with some big boys at Old Navy

Hey good lookin'!!!

Pretty girl!

She discovered black berries and LOVESSSSSSS them!!

Playing at the Harts house!

Mimi's girl!

Mimi's girl and Mimi's boy

Love pats.....???

A favorite activity...climbing stairs.... 

Washing her hands at Mighty Fine Burger! 

Flirting with Uncle James

Feeding their babies 

Reading books with Mimi

Two Kewpie dolls =)

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