Sunday, December 22, 2013

Everything Embry: December 22

Ear Infection 

The never ending cold continues. I swear she's been congested/snotty nosed since October 1! This past weekend she started coughing and I noticed her snotty nose turned green. On our drive home Sunday night she coughed the whole way home, so Monday I called the pediatrician and they wanted to see her that afternoon. She has an ear infection and the doctor said her throat looked a little red. She also said that it looked like an entire row of her teeth are coming in up top! (Side note: her fifth tooth came in this week...on the bottom!!! So she's doing some major teething right now too). So she's on antibiotics for the third time in her life and sucks it right down.... as long as she's holding the syringe.... hah!

It's been a little bit of a rough week, I can just tell she doesn't feel well. She's been off and on crabby, antibiotics giving her tummy troubles which leads to diaper rash.... ugh!! Poor baby girl!

Sweetness at the doctor

Happy driver!


Feeding Mommy medicine 

Tomi's Visit

We were SO excited when Tomi decided to come to town for a visit! Over the holidays, we're spending 4 days with each Jacob's family and my family and part of our time with my family Tomi will be gone to Chicago, so she just had to get in some good QT with Embry! Such a lucky girl Embry is! 

Like I said above, E wasn't up to par the whole week, but we still had fun! Tomi brought an early Christmas present...a stroller for our house! We ran some Christmas errands, ate a few lunches out, Tomi and I had a girls night out with a neighbor, and Tomi babysat one evening while Jacob and I had a neighborhood Christmas dinner! I've decided it would be perfect to have a live in nanny, to play with me and Embry all day! Hahah!

Loving her new stroller

Bath time fun!

Cuddle time!

FaceTime with Mimi and James

Totally flirting with James on FaceTime!

Watching videos of Ford on the computer

E's first In and Out Burger trip 

Playing in the doll aisle at Target

The perfect little mother with her babies, shopping away =)

Mommy and Auntie's night out! Went out to dinner and then out for manicures and martinis! 

Jacob sent me this picture while we were out. Cuddles with her dollies.

Pei Wei opened this week right in our neighborhood. 

Embry was a fan! 

Headed to the Cone's house for neighborhood dinner!

Cone Christmas Dinner Feast! 


Mommy's helper at the grocery store

Frosting her cookies 

FaceTime with Ford

She gets so zoned out during her tv time....

Love this little booty! 


We arrived in Austin for the holidays late Friday night and are spending the first four days of our break with Jacob's family, then will spend our second four days with mine. We spent Saturday having fun with Kiki and E-Pa. In the afternoon, Kathleen, Great Grandma Gordon, Embry and I went to a ladies Christmas party. Saturday evening we went to the "Rock N Lights Drive Thru" in Round Rock. Embry was mesmerized by the lights, it was awfully cute! 

Reading with Kiki

Playing with Daddy

Ready for a Christmas Party

The ladies at the party =)

Daddy and E

Took this for Grandma and Papa! Looks like Pop's Place =)

A rare photo of Daddy and Mommy with no Embry 


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