Monday, December 2, 2013

Embry: 14 Months Old

14 Month Stats

Weight: 23 pounds (done at home)
Height: this one is too much of a pain....I'm only going to include the months we have well checks! 
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: 12 months, 18 months, 12-18 months. All of her fleece jammies are 18 month and still a little baggy on her, but she wears them. She's very true to size on most clothes, even pants surprisingly. 
Shoes: Still size 4 shoes
Eating: Eats 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day, drinks around 12-16 oz of organic whole milk per day. Getting very, very picky! Ugh! 
Sleeping: 11 hours straight through the night and two naps adding up to 3 hours (typically at 8:30 am and 1:30 pm)
Teeth: 4 teeth, her other top tooth came through right after her "13 month birthday"
Words: No new words, still lots of babbles. There have been times I've been certain she's said a few words, but then wouldn't repeat them, so who knows. She sure thinks she is saying a lot! When we're in the kitchen she'll point to the oven and make a "ha" sound. I've told her a million times the oven is "hot", so I think she's starting that. 

New Things!

*Full blown Mommy phase. Wants me to hold her all the time, cried at MOPS both times this month, sometimes disses Daddy for Mommy when we're both in the room..... 
*Shakes her head yes and no (usually uses them correctly)
*Found her bellybutton and loves to play with it
*Super girly...loves her dolls and purses. She turns any bag, basket, etc into a purse and just adores carrying around her dolls, feeding them bottles, washing them in the tub, etc. Seems very motherly. Warms my heart! 
*90% of the time she NEEDS her morning nap and is SO ready for bed by 8:30am (or earlier most mornings), but there have been about 5 days over the last month where she hasn't slept during morning nap. I've read a lot and most babies give up morning nap between 12-18 months, so we'll see. For now I'd say she still needs it most days.  
*Has "put herself to bed" a few nights this month. Around 7:00 pm she has disappeared to her bedroom and brought out the book she and Jacob read together each night. We take that as a sign she's ready for bed!
*Spent a lot of November in Austin, spending good quality time with family, and having lots of fun play dates with kiddos.
*Still just LOVES being outside, even in the freezing cold! 
*Had her first sickness that seemed to really bring her down. =(
*Goes down the slide by herself at the park
*Thinks she can jump, which is basically just a calf raise! She loves to do it on command! 

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