Monday, December 16, 2013

Everything Embry: December 16


"#Icemageddon2013" hit Dallas HARD! We didn't leave the house until very late Monday afternoon and it was only because we really needed some groceries. Sunday we spent the entire day in our PJs. Embry bathed that night and got into a fresh pair! Jacob had a late start to work (because she courts were delayed opening and he had a 9:30 am hearing) on Monday and schools were closed again. We had Eliot and Lauren over for some crafting....which was some what of a disaster... 

Yay for not leaving the house for the second full day in a row!

Salt dough hands! 

Well 1 for 4 isn't bad!
Sidenote- they looked much better once I spray painted them! We already gave them to Mimi/Papa and Kiki/E-Pa! 

We watched our fair share of BabyTV =/

We're outttttttt of the house!!! At Kroger where there was barely any produce or dairy! 

The sun finally shone on Tuesday and our icicles started thawing. 


Tuesday morning I watched a friends daughter (17mo) for a few hours and E had a ball. It's so fun seeing her interact with kids her age. She isn't the greatest at sharing her toys, or her chair..... but Hannah was a good sport!!! (Luckily Hannah is one of four kids in four years, so she's used to toys being swiped from her!)

Ready for a warm day on the lake! Hah!

Having a hard time sharing.....

Meeting Santa

I was so discouraged last year when I went to a few different malls and found that Santa costs $30+ to see..... (They make you buy the photo and don't allow phones, etc....) This year I found out about Bass Pro Shop and their awesome, FREE Santa! We went on Wednesday morning (skipped our library classes) and were first in line!! It went exactly how I imagined it would go, she screamed her head off! Classic!! I can't say enough good things about Bass Pro Shop! They had a beautiful set up, great looking Santa, FREE photos, and they give you a coupon for a free kids meal at their restaurant! Luckily we have one about 15 minutes away. 


We made another trip to Austin this weekend for Tomi's Graduation Party. We left late evening on Friday and Embry fell right to sleep in the car. We spent all day Saturday with my family and had Tomi's party that night. Then we spent all day Sunday with Jacob's family and came home late evening Sunday, where Embry slept the whole ride again. She's becoming a pro at these late night road trips! 

The whole house up early Saturday morning to greet Miss Embry!

Embry made Papa read her about 35 books early Saturday morning.

E and her Uncle James

Sharing Uncle James' cereal...haha

So lady like Embry.... haha. Her favorite sitting spot at Mimi and Papa's... the baby bouncer!

WOAH! Gifts!!! 

Doing Make Up with Mimi in Mimi's closet

First lunch at Qdoba, yum!

The cutest baby boy

She just loves playing on the sport court, even in 40 degree temps! (Hilarious video below of her on the sport court)

Having no regard for Daddy and Uncle Jon's corn hole game

Cousin bath time!!

What happened to my baby brother?!?! So old!!

Emmy and the grad of honor!

Me and Fordy boy!

E chillin with the boys

The cutest cousins around!!!!!!!

Opening an early Christmas gift from E-Pa and Kiki!!

E loves her grandpas to read to her

We dressed Embry in Jacob's outfit from his second Christmas! Too cute!!!

Embry and Daddy (And Uncle Adam and Uncle Luke too)

Loves her necklaces at Kiki's house!


For the first time sitting alone watching TV! It was so nice to have a 5 min break to get some stuff done. Still doesn't last very long, but I'll take what I can get!

One evening after bath, I decided to try on one of her Christmas outfits from last year! So crazy it fit! It was a size 0-6 months. 

This was her on December 1 last year (2 months old)

Happy Christmas Girl!

Christmas shopping

Shopping cart and purse

She loves her jack in the box!

Being a HAM!

Chilling out for once! Haha!

Gooooooo Atlanta! Using her pom poms from Uncle Luke !

Shopping with Mommy

A girl can never have too many bows.

Naked letter play! 

Bath time selfies!!

Nap time hoarder... three loveys, two blankets, and one doll! This was during an almost 3 hour nap! =)

Busy shopper 

She's starting to do a little fake cheeser ;)

Silly girl wanted her life jacket on and wouldn't take it off

FaceTime with Aunt Tomi

Book time with Daddy

Headed to MOPS (Where she did great, cried for about 10 seconds while dropping her off)

Smiles after nap!

Supporting Aunt Tomi on her graduation day!!

Sad she couldn't take her plush dolly in the bath tub...

Daddy's home from work!

Getting to be a pro at taking medicine at night...never ending cold


Probably my favorite video ever.....

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