Sunday, November 24, 2013

Everything Embry: November 24

Ford's Dedication

Sunday we went to the Harts church to be present for Ford's dedication, then back to their house for lunch! After E's nap that afternoon, we spent a few hours with Jacob's parents to let E burn some steam and be able to sleep in the car for the drive home. 

Our favorite nephew!

Aunt Tomi and Emmy

Mimi, Papa and Ford (in the same baptism gown E wore in June made out of Mimi's wedding dress!)

E smelling Kiki's roses!

"Jumping" with E-Pa. She LOVES to "jump" (basically calf raises)

Baby (Doll) Love

It's safe to say Embry has entered the doll phase. My parents gave her her first nice baby doll last year for Christmas and we got it out sometime this summer. Around her birthday she really started to love her, rock her, etc. This week when we got out the Christmas decor, we got out my favorite baby doll from my childhood, Kelsey. Embry LOVES her. It's SO fun to see her be so sweet to her dolls. We plan on getting her a doll stroller for Christmas since she loves the one at my parents house. For now she sticks to the shopping cart and just "feeding" her baby the bottle all.the.time! 

E pushing Kelsey around

Very proud of baby Kelsey

Embry was "helping" me unload the dishwasher and found this...

Love this of E and Kelsey

It's hard work caring for two babies....while naked...haha

This picture....omg! Shopping for dolls with a "purse".

A picture of me and e around the same ages, feeding our dolls in the tub!

Cuddles with Kelsey

Feeding two babies again

Outside Fun

Playing outside is still pretty much her happy place. 

Not understanding it's 30 degrees and raining outside.

I gave in and let her swing on our front porch swing (covered) for like 8 minutes! Brrrr!!


Friday I got the report at MOPS that Embry was fussy the whole time. Yup, I cried the whole car ride home. She has definitely been in a "mommy" phase lately, but this seemed crazy. They told me it was maybe her teeth. She was super clingy the rest of the day and into Saturday morning. Well Saturday afternoon she woke up with a fever and it all made sense. She slept fine during the night and is currently down for morning nap. She's awfully pitiful and wanting Mommy only. Hoping this is a quick sickness that's gone by tomorrow. 

Home from MOPS and cuddly 

Should have suspected something Saturday when she fell asleep in the car on the drive home from lunch

After nap cuddles

She played with my hair for like 30 sweet. 


During a LONG morning nap one day, I saw her in the monitor with her loveys draped over her face. Had to sneak in for a shot. 

I think I've said it ten times on the blog, she LOVES this book. Has been studying it so closely lately.

Embry sandwich

She's very into tickling our toes lately.

Funny story- one evening about 15 minutes before bedtime, E disapeared to her room, came back to the kitchen, grunted for Jacob to sit down, and she plopped onto his lap with "their" bedtime story. Jacob reads her this book every night. We took that as a sign she needed to go to sleep! Haha

Tuesday morning I had volunteer orientation at our neighborhood school during E's nap time. I came home and laid her down for a late nap and she played for 45 min, so off to Costco we went while my mind raced that she may be done with morning nap for good. Not so fast. She passed out on the way there. 

Splitting a hot dog while we waited for our Christmas card pictures to print =)

She will find herself a purse wherever we are. 

Tuesday she took a long afternoon nap and woke up CRAAAAAANKY. Even macaroni and cheese wouldn't cheer her up. 

Serious during her favorite song at music 

They've started a little play time after class. 

Shopping with her "purses" (lunch boxes)

I've decorated for Christmas (besides our tree which we'll get next weekend) and she loves checking out the new trinkets around. hah

Found her belly button! 

Brought out her bedtime book again to Jacob while he was washing dishes. 

Out to lunch for pho!


FroYo on a freezing day

Her very own pink, sparkly Christmas tree for her room.

Despite mainly wanting Mommy this weekend, she loves to read with Daddy 

And watch him juggle her loveys


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