Friday, June 28, 2013

Embry: 38 Weeks

Hi All!

Posting early this week as my mom, Embry, and I are all off to Kansas City as I post this! We are flying to the Rainey Family Reunion (my maternal grandmother's family) in Missouri. We don't get home until really late on Sunday night... So I figured I'd post our week thus far and then next week I'll post pictures and videos from our girls weekend away =)

Embry hit a fun milestone this week, she's now pulling up onto furniture. She's still not cruising and definitely not standing steady once she's up. Actually she sometimes gets frustrated when she stands up because she doesn't know how to get all the way down. 

Anyway, here's how our week went...

"Father's Day"

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with our little family. Embry and I got Jacob a bike seat for Embry to go on Jacob's bike and a name plate for Jacob's office. We spent the morning helping a little more at our neighbors garage sale, then ran a few errands and spent the rest of the day together. Once Embry went to bed we had an awesome dinner that Jacob grilled himself (despite me offering, haha)! 

Poker table for not included!

Daddy and Daughter

We got E her a helmet for her future bike rides with Daddy

Shopping buddies

She is looking SO old!! (And TALL!)

Perfect Father's Day Meal! Steak, ribs and a baked potato!

The Sickies

All week Embry was super snotty nosed!!! It doesn't seem to be bothering her too much, but she is such a pain when it comes to wiping her nose. 

Sunday and Monday I had a sore throat and woke up Monday morning to my eye crusted eye! Ugh! I managed not to get it when E had it at the end of May, but somehow got it this week. The pediatrician wrote a prescription but told me not to fill it since her case was very mild and he thought viral. So I dropped off E's prescription. By Monday afternoon I was in SO much pain and my entire eye lid was swollen and droopy. Luckily after two doses Monday evening, I woke up Tuesday with my eye feeling much better, but with no voice and a cough. 

Play Date at Klyde Warren Park

Despite my pink eye, we headed to a play date Tuesday morning with some neighborhood friends. (Don't worry, I didn't touch any other children and sanitized my hands a ton!) I was so pumped to head to downtown Dallas to finally go to Klyde Warren Park . It's a park that's literally above the interstate in downtown Dallas. In parts of Dallas the exits and access roads are above the interstate, versus below and having the interstate be the bridge. So the access roads go above the highways. It's amazing!!! Not only is it unlike anything I've ever seen, it's also very unique it all it offers. It has of course the kids area where we were, splash pad and all! It also has a dog park, ping pong, putting greens, chess, workout areas, and even a reading area where you're free to borrow the books there. As we were leaving around noon about 7 food trucks were all set up for lunch time. It opened a few months ago and we'd never been, but we'll for sure be going back! I forget how close we live to downtown and with parking and all we were there in TEN minutes flat. 

We had a great time with two other families and enjoyed the park and the socializing =)

My water baby!

So crazy to be over a highway and right downtown at a serene park.

Barnum & Bailey Performance at the Library

We missed our music class and story time last week since we were in Mexico, so this week when we showed up we didn't know about the special event happening. The circus is coming to town in late July-early August so they put on an hour long "show" to promote the circus! Embry had a ball!!!!! I didn't know if she'd be interested, but oh my was the cutest thing ever. I took a TON of pictures and had a hard time choosing which ones to post.

You will notice she's becoming super attached to her lovey bear and he came to the library with us. I have two bears and keep one in the crib and one in the car. She was clutching it as I got her out of her carseat so I let her bring it inside with us. That lovey was washed yesterday and sunbleached to dry...hah!

One of the cutest things was when we arrived and before the show started, Embry crawled over to a little boy and girl who were very into her. The little boy grabbing E's face is one of the cutest pictures ever! He was the sweetest little boy and kept talking in a high pitched voice to her. Tooooo cute! Then the little girl kept showing Embry the braid in her hair. 


Wish this one wasn't blurry...she was SOOO excited and kept looking at me grinning and looking back at the clowns. 

She got a little too excited and raced up to the clowns.

Tallest girl ever! Long legged baby!

Visiting and Lunch With Daddy

Wednesday we were out and about around lunch time and called Daddy and he was able to get away for lunch with us. We stopped in his office to say hi first before heading out for pizza. 

She loved the chicken noodle soup!

Splash Park

It wouldn't be a normal week around here without a trip or two to the splash park. Thursday we knew Mimi was arriving at 2:00 pm and had a few hours between naps with no plans. We lathered up in sunscreen and headed over to the splash park. It was so nice, there were only two other moms and kids there who all seemed to be between 3-6 years old. Embry spent 90% of the time there watching them run around and play by waving, squealing and shrieking in delight. Have I mentioned she loves other kids? It's hilarious. 

Mimi Arrives

My mom arrived during Embry's afternoon nap and we had some time to catch up (you know since it had been a week since our week long vacation together) before E woke. We had a great afternoon and Embry had fun with another person around to dote on her! We played at home then went out to dinner before coming home to greet Daddy and do our nighttime routine. 

Having Mimi here is so fun!


Pulled up on the ottoman! Biggest girl!

I let her at the tupperware cabinet while I did laundry nearby!

This week she discovered watermelon and LOOOOOVED it! 

Costco is her happy place...hahah She loves people watching there!

Daddy is so fun!

Breakfast with Daddy...Jacob now gets two spoons with his Cheerios and shares with E each morning!

We got to have E-Pa at our house Tuesday-Wednesday! They were matching in their black and white stripes Wednesday morning!

She looks so old!!!

Nosey girl

She proceeded to get EVERY book out! (Video below!!)

My own little Kewpie doll!

What's for dinner tonight Sister???


Embry and her bubble machine...

Embry on the move

Embry and the singing toy....

Embry playing alone...

Embry crawling...

Embry chows down on watermelon...

Embry when Daddy gets home...

Embry goes through her book basket...

Embry playing with her laptop in her Pack'N'Play

Embry busy playing alone...

Embry playing with her lovey bear...

Embry crawling to Mimi...

Embry and Athena...sooo cute... 

Embry Cracking Up With Daddy...

Embry drinking Mimi's water...

Two Instagram Videos of Embry crawling...

Embry bangs on her highchair...

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