Monday, June 10, 2013

Embry: 35 Weeks

Daughter's Day

On Mother's Day Jacob asked if I thought Embry was jealous of Mother's Day and Father's Day. I laughed, but realized he was serious. He declared the weekend between the two holidays as "Daughter's Day". I left it all up to him. He bought Embry a few gifts and decided we'd do whatever she wanted. As most moms can attest... every day is daughter's day in my house. I do what Embry wants every single day! Hah! Anyway, we had a good time hanging as a family. (For some reason I didn't get any pictures of her opened gifts, but she got a bubble machine and a pink football). 

"To the best daughter a parent could dream of"

Ready for the splash park!

First time to the splash park with Daddy!

Hanging out with Dada

Helping Mommy with crafts

Monday Play Date

Monday we mainly spent getting ready to head to Austin for the week, packing and a quick run to Costco. That afternoon we couldn't resist a play date with some of our favorite neighbors, Lauren and Eliot, to our neighborhood splash park!

That morning she discovered Athena's food and water bowls...

Of course I let her keep going long enough to get photos, video and to show Daddy!

Shopping at Costco

Third time at the splash park in four days!

Eliot and Embry playing


Eliot's Mama Lauren lovin on Embry

Successful play date

Bath time after a busy day! Ready to head to Austin!

First Flight

Tuesday was Embry's first flight! My parents booked us a flight to Austin for Tuesday morning so we could hang with them for the week and have Jacob meet us in Austin that weekend and us not be stuck with two cars to drive back home with! Thanks Mimi and Papa! 

Embry did great on the flight. We arrived at the airport right at naptime and I had visions of her napping in the Bjorn. Oh no. She is a nosey, social girl. She had to see everything going on in the carrier! So I let her out and she was crawling around, grinning at everyone. I picked the seat at the very back of the plane as I heard it was a full flight and luckily had one of the only two empty seats on the whole plane next to me. Also both flight attendants had babies under one year old at home, so they were very kind to me! 

I started nursing Embry right at takeoff and she passed out immediately! She woke up when we landed in Austin happy as can be! She got her first pair of wings and a cute certificate from the flight attendants! The man sitting in our row asked if she was always this happy as we were taxing for take off. When she woke up when we landed, she sat up, and started waving and grinning at him. He said, "wow, she even wakes up happy!" It was a good test flight for our big trip to Mexico this week! =)


So I have over 600 photos I took in Austin.... Bear with me, I'm trying to pick only the very, very cutest ones... hah! Warning there are a ton of adorable pool pics =) 

Some highlights of our trip were lots of swimming at Mimi and Papa's house, seeing my girlfriends, getting to go to Ruthie's sonogram and see my nephew, James' 15th birthday, getting to see James' basketball game, etc...

(Baby Hart's shower, Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's 50th wedding anniversary party and Embry's dedication are all below these photos)

Embry playing with some of Mommy's toys from 27 years ago

My parents have so many toys at their house, she loved them!!!

Getting ready for the pool

Visit at E-Pa and Kiki's house

E loving her Kiki and E-Pa

Uncle Adam =)

Papa's working buddy!

Emmy loves Uncle James

Little fish! We swam almost every day we were there!

Playing with Mimi's pool toys

We got to go see one of James' basketball games at Mommy and Daddy's high school!

McNeil Maverick Baby!

Where Mommy and Daddy met 13 years ago!

Mimi and Papa have the best toys!

E has been quite the early riser lately (boo!), so one morning we were at the park by 7am...

Loving "cousin" Ernie

One of my fave pics!

She loves her Uncle!

Hanging with Uncle James

So glad I got to see girlfriends while in town!!

She had her first pouch of baby food this week! Good prep for Mexico!

More pool fun with Aunt Tomi

Swimming with her Aunties

Watching Mommy and Aunt Ruthie wrangle Ernie for a bath

We 'stuffed' her swimsuit...hahaha

She's getting good at pulling herself up onto things!

My mom found the same maracas at music time at the library!!!

Mimi's Tuperware is so fun!

She love, love, loves Ernie!

We got to be there for James' 15th birthday! Where did time go?!?
Our last dip in the pool Sunday afternoon before hitting the road

Sleepy girl after a fun week in Austin

Ruthie and Baby Boy Hart's Baby Shower

Saturday morning my mom, Tomi and I hosted a mustache and bowtie themed baby shower for Ruthie and Baby Boy Hart! We just cannot wait for his arrival in early August!!!! (Hopefully late July ;) !!!) 

Embry and 7 week old Gia Grace

Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's 50th Anniversary Party!

Saturday evening was Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. We had a ball and Embry was such a good sport after a busy day! She even helped me dance the Cupid Shuffle =)

Happy Anniversary!

50 years of marriage! 

Grandparents and their first Great =) They have one more great on the way (Jacob's cousin)

Mother and Daughter

Embry loved Great Grandma's necklace =)

4 generations

Embry wanting to dance with Great Grandma and Aunt Mary Jo

Athena joining in on the fun!

Adorable sisters! 

Sunday morning =)

Embry's Dedication

Jacob and I are currently "church shopping" in Dallas. We'd like to find a church home, but decided we wanted Embry dedicated sooner rather than later. We knew all of our brothers and sisters would be in Austin this weekend and held a little ceremony at my parents house. Her godparents, Ruthie and Jon, were so sweet and Jon gave the most awesome little speech. I nominate him for a career change into speaking or pastoring =) 

For those that don't know, my mom had her wedding dress made into a baptism gown for all of the Fanning grandchildren to wear. Embry looked adorable in it and a bonnet of mine when I was a baby! 

After the little ceremony she was exhausted and wasn't quite the best poser for photos of her and all of her family members! Hah! Oh well...

Getting ready!

Loves jewelry so much!

I just love this photo!

God Bless Embry 

Praying over our sweet girl

Embry and her godparents, Ruthie and Jon

E-Pa and Kiki

Lauren and Uncle Luke

Aunt Tomi

Papa and Mimi

Uncle James

Opening a little gift =)

The perfect gift from Ruthie and Jon!


Here are a bunch of videos from the week! 

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