Sunday, June 2, 2013

Embry: 34 Weeks

We had a very good week! We had two playdates, one at our house which of course I got no photos of (bummer) and one at our neighborhood splash park. And most fun, we had Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Jon in town for 3 days! 

James' Basketball Tournament Continued...

Sunday we spent the day back up in Lewisville at more basketball games, out to lunch, and then back to my parents hotel to play with Emmy! Monday we didn't go to the early game, but Embry and I went back for their last game in the middle of the day. It was great to get to see so many games. 

Embry's fans at the game

Endless tacos at On The Border

Uncle James =)

Burning off some energy

My two babies! (When do I have to stop calling James my baby brother...??)

So sleepy on Sunday evening driving home

The boys back at it again

Nibbles from Papa

Basketball and books!

End of a great tournament

Memorial Day

We spent the morning at home and after E's nap, just us two ran up to catch James' last game. That afternoon we hosted two neighbors for a cookout. One of the best parts of holidays with babies is dressing them up for the occasion! This outfit was out last summer at Cracker Barrel and I HAD TO HAVE IT! It's hard to tell but it has a yellow lab on the front. I remember they had a boy romper and a girl swing top and I originally saw it before we knew the gender. I just adore it and the matching hat! She will be wearing it again for the Fourth of July!

Embry part of the cookout on the patio! 

Finishing off Mommy's ear of corn

Busy Playing

As usual, lots of playing pictures! 

Just a little break on my bunny
I just love this picture! Busy reading her No Biting book! ;)

Ruthie and Jon Visit

Ruthie and Jon arrived Wednesday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon. We had a great time! Embry was great all day and night! (Dare I say she's over her wake up when we have visitors thing) She has quite the blossoming crush on her Uncle Jon, it's quite cute! I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Park fun

E had fun knocking down Ruthie's towers 

And blowing raspberries on her! 

And kissing her cousin

Fun shopping at Marshalls

Ruthie and I are both new/very beginner sewers. Practicing straight lines!


Loving Uncle Jon

Park time

Watching the Daddies swing!


Swinging with Dada

On of our neighbors has an 11 week old English Bulldog...omg!

Fastest way to the block tower...over the toys!

Aunt Ruthie sure is fun!

Ernie and Embry busy on her computer

Splash Park

Friday afternoon we had a playdate at our neighborhood splash pad. It was our first time there and man, I think we'll be spending lots of summer days here! It's about a mile from our house and it's awesome! Ruthie came along and was able to help snap some pictures of me and Embry. 


She pulled herself to standing in this basket! (So we lowered her crib)

New lowered crib (She didn't pull up here, I set her like this)

Kindermusik at the library

Helping mommy sew

She loves her blocks

We had a neighborhood BBQ Saturday night. Carrying the baby, pushing the food in the stroller! Haha!

Playing at the BBQ

Putting on a show for all the neighbors


Embry playing in her basket...

Two cute videos of her waking up from naps...

Daddy making Embry laugh...

Climbing girl!

Ruthie and Jon brought her a tambourine AND maracas! She loves them! 

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