Sunday, June 23, 2013

Embry: 37 Weeks

Hi All!

So, this is my first post from my iPhone... Our one computer still standing has died. Ugh! It's always something! Hoping to get a new laptop this week... Regardless, this post will be short, and have a few links to videos below.

This biggest thing this week by far is Embry's crawling and "talking". When we left the states last week I think I had said she was crawling about 80% of the time. Well now she's a full-fledged, speed crawler! Am I a horrible mom for NOT loving it? Oh my word, she is a maniac. It's exhausting!!! As for her "talking", she's babbling but in a way more big girl sounding way. She seems to have found her voice in Mexico!! 

In our short week home we did lots of unpacking and laundry, some grocery shopping and a play date with our favorite neighbor, Eliot. We also helped out our neighbor with a garage sale most of Saturday. Our beloved neighbor is moving soon and we're still plotting a way to force her to stay! Since we were in Mexico during Father's Day we're celebrating today! Hopefully next week I'll have a computer to to report our celebrations from! :)

Let's get to it, here are the photos (at least all my iPhone photos) from our short week home!

Happy to be home at Kroger! 

On Thursday Daddy came home with Montezuma's Revenge... :( 

Little Miss Independent

Back at the splash park with Eliot!

Busy on her laptop...maybe she'll share with me!

During our play date i may have been talking (complaining) about Embry's crazy mobility and my friend Lauren gave me a great idea to have E do some "pack n play" alone time each day. She's already good at playing alone, and she did AWESOME. Content for almost 20 min. 

Helping at the garage sale! 

Anyone who has been over to our house has probably heard me bash our kitchen table. We bought a set that is too small for our space and just plain CHEAP. Our neighbor was getting rid of furniture and graciously gave us her doing set. All Pottery Barn, y'all! Couldn't love it any more!!!

Busy reading! (Wish I could put YouTube videos on here- such a cute video of her "reading")

Soda boxes are the best toys!

Aunt Tomi came by Saturday afternoon for a quick visit! She had been in town for a birthday party! E was so cute ad obviously remembered (and loved) Tomi!

A trip to Aldi's with Daddy!

More playing. 


An adorable video of Aunt Tomi and Embry from here

Embry being here

Embry reading The Giving here

Embry kissing the baby in the here

Embry crawling like here

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