Thursday, June 13, 2013

Embry: 36 Weeks

I am posting a few days early since we leave for MEXICO tomorrow morning!!! I figure when we get back I'll do a whole Mexico post and then get back to 37 weeks. 

Photos by Ruthie

Last Wednesday, while in Austin, we went over to visit Ruthie working from home to see the nursery. While there, she snapped a few photos of Embry. As with all other "photo shoots" of Embry, she was quite the "tough crowd". Ruthie's neighbors driving by got a good ole show watching me and my mom dance around behind Ruthie trying to snap some pics!

AMAZING blue eyes! NO edit, color enhancing, etc...

My favorite of the day!

Brave Baby

For the past few weeks Embry has been doing an actual crawl some and crawling and pulling up onto things some. Tuesday she seemed to make the switch to crawling about 80% of the time and army crawling 20%. Also, now she crawls and pulls up onto everything. Makes my days a little more challenging, but oh so fun!


Oh brother....

I was saying- NO,NO,NO EMBRY and I get this cute smile from her....haha

At least she loves her books =)

First Bloody Lip

Tuesday after Embry's afternoon nap, we were about to get out of the house. I was getting my shoes on and she was crawling to me on the tile and boom, she bumped her face on the floor. I thought at first she just bonked her head hard and I was holding her, rocking her. When she pulled away I saw my shirt was bloody. Poor baby. She had a little bloody lip. Not sure exactly how it happened since she doesn't have any teeth, but it puffed up for about 30 minutes. She was a little fussy the rest of the day, but I think it had more to do with her only napping for a total of 2 hours during the day. Wednesday morning there was no evidence of any lip 'boo boo'. All is good!

Poor baby

Puffy lip

She was happy, giggling here, but squirmy as I was leaning her back. She loves being upside down these days!

Splash Park

We sure missed the splash park while we were in Austin. Monday afternoon we met a neighborhood friend there. I am so, so happy that she loves the water so much!

We went again on Wednesday afternoon and it was packed, but Embry has SUCH a good time watching and squealing at all the big kids running around!


Drinking water like a big girl

Shopping at Carters

One of the Old Navy peeps! Hah

We stopped at a park to swing on our way home from errands...she had a ball watching three siblings have races back and forth across the park. 

Always into what others are doing! Nosey girl! Hah. 

E-Pa had a last minute trip to Dallas for work and got to see Miss E Wednesday morning. 

Kisses from E-Pa!

We took our weekly Wednesday trip to the library for Baby Bounce (music) and story time. 

I'm ready for the music!!! Come on!!

Shakin it!

I've had a stack of magazines saved for our trip and Embry has loved getting into them this week...

Hmmm Time Magazine doesn't taste as good as it looks...

Little monkey managed to crawl into the suitcase on her own...

Hey Ma, I'm ready for Mexico!

She sure loves her activity table. I may need to add the legs back onto it soon! 

"Really, another picture?"
Okay Mom, we got some packing to do!

Let's tackle this to-do list!

Mommy/Emmy selfies

She kept herself busy reading for awhile today

Pushup break between books!


Embry busy with magazines...

Embry crawling for the wine...hah

Embry chowing down on salmon! Yum!

Embry scores a basket...

Embry reading her Halloween book...

Embry crawling...

Embry and Mommy...

More reading!

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