Friday, March 1, 2013

Embry: 5 Months Old

Five Month Stats

Weight: 16.6 pounds (done on scale at home)
Height:  27 inches (done at home)
Diapers: Size 3 
Clothes: Almost all 3-6 month stuff. She still wears some 0-3 month leggings. 
Eating: Eats solids now! But, still nurses just as much. The "solids" have not replaced a meal. She eats the solids immediately after nursing in the late afternoon/evening. So far has tried bananas, sweet potatoes, and avocado. Loves bananas, likes sweet potatoes okay, and isn't a big fan of avocados. Still on bottle strike! It's now been one month. We try the bottle every few days and she gives us "the lip" and screams her head off. Instead of stressing about it like I was at the beginning I have decided it is NOT the end of the world and I am not going to lose sleep over it. 
Sleeping: Similar to months 2-4, but things seem to be changing. As for night time, she is wanting to go down earlier. It also depends on what time she wakes up from her last nap of the day. But she has been going to bed between 7:00-8:00 pm each night. She wakes up between 7:00-8:00 am. She's gone three nights this week (not back to back) of not eating for 12 hours. One of those nights she slept all 12 hours and two she fussed around 1:00 am for awhile but put herself back to sleep. Hoping it becomes a habit! She is also in a transition mode for naps. She's dropping the third nap and staying awake longer between sleeping. She used to take 2-2 hour naps and one short nap. As long as her morning nap is good (2 hours) and she's able to stay awake for 3 hours between naps. This week alone she's only taken 3 naps once, and it was when her morning nap wasn't very long. This past month was also the week from hell with removing the swaddle and learning to sleep on her tummy. All kinks in regards to that seem to have been worked out! Hooray!

New Things!

*Rolling over; both ways, ALL THE TIME
*Sleeps on her tummy
*Starting to enjoy time on her tummy and attempt to crawl (looks like she's swimming in place)
*No swaddle to sleep anymore; sleeps in a sleep sack
*Eats solids one time per day
*Seems to be really "teething" now. Drools a lot, loves to really gnaw on things, etc. 
*For the first time ever she was away from me while awake. I've ONLY ever left her a handful of times to run somewhere while she's napping. I have never been away from her while she's awake. One day I had things to do and Jacob took her and Athena to White Rock Lake to go hike the trails. Needless to say, we all survived =) 
*I also left her for the first time ever at night after she'd gone down to bed. My Grandma and Papa kept her the night of my parents 50th birthday party! 
*Love, love, LOVES Athena. If she's ever fussy, bored, etc. I just call Athena over and she gets SO excited. 
*Looks like she's going to start crawling soon. Trying her hardest! Scootches around some on her tummy. 
*Loves the Jumperoo and Johnny Jump Up. Seems to finally have the head/neck control to really enjoy both!


Out of the 100+ pictures I took in her chair...these are the best... 

 In reality, all 96 others were of her trying to eat the sticker or blowing bubbles... haha

And the nursery floor pics....


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