Sunday, March 10, 2013

Embry: 22 Weeks

We had a big week, full of lots of fun visitors! Poor Embry is still really teething, but we've found some relief...more on that later. Also, she's still congested and has a cough! I've talked to a nurse at our pedi twice and they still are reassuring me it's a cold. Babies get 7-10 cold their first year of life and they can last 2-3 weeks. Uh that seems kinda crazy! But she's still eating and sleeping normally, so I'm not to be worried... ;) Anyway, onto our fun week...

Dallas Arboretum

After I posted last weekend, we packed up Embry and headed the whole mile and a half over to the Dallas Arboretum. She was quite the hit in her pink outfit. We literally had a cute old lady stop us and ask to take her picture because she was "just so darn cute". It's so fun how babies just make people smile! 

This hat is more fun than the flowers!

Dallas Blooms is in session...thousands of tulips!

Here's Embry with the Empress Tree. You may remember my post from our anniversary last summer where we were at the Arboretum and Jacob decided he wanted to plant an Empress Tree for our baby girl when she was born. When we got home he looked it up and found out that in the Chinese (?) culture, families plant Empress Trees for their first born daughters. It was chilling when he told me that! Well, after much research he found out that they're not that common because they are very invasive trees and are quite problematic in yards. SO, he planted a Red Oak from an acorn from our tree in our yard. He collected it the weekend we brought Embry home and has been babying the tiny seedling ever since! We're keeping it potted, so we can take it to our next home. (We know our current home won't be our "forever" home.)

Embry and the Empress!

Checking out the fish pond.

Grandma Great Visits Dallas

My Grandma Premer came to town Monday-Thursday. My mom, Embry, and I will go to Kansas City in late June for a family reunion, but Grandma Great just couldn't wait until then to see Miss E! They met her in November, but she's changed so much since then! We were happy to have her and had a great visit. My mom came up for a day and night of the visit and we had a fun girls day! 

I think I remember you!!

Showing off her almost crawling skills!

Grandma Great brought some awesome books!

Bunny ears from Grandma Great

And a little poofy hat too!

During on of E's naps, we made squash, sweet potatoes and pears for our girl!

Playing in the Jumperoo that Grandma and Grandpa Great got for Embry last summer!


Bath time fun!

Mimi has arrived!!

Sweet girls!

Girls lunch!
Mommy makes an appearance! 

Embry "helping" Mimi

Lots of books were read during her trip

Love that she's really starting to get into books!

Bath time!!!

Four generations of ladies! (Taken at 8:00 am...ugh!)

A Few Days Alone

Mimi and Grandma Great left on Thursday and so we had a few days before Great Grandma and Papa Fanning arrived! I headed up to Plano to a great "natural" baby store I'd heard about, The Nappy Shoppe, to get Embry a Baltic Amber teething necklace. Read more here, or google it. It's basically a natural way to help teething. The baby wears the necklace (doesn't chew on it) and the warmth of their skin makes succinic acid release into their skin and it's supposed to really help with teething. People swear by them, so I thought for $20, why not.  I must say I've seen a big difference in Embry!! Way less drool!! And she just seems happier. On Wednesday she seemed in pain, so we were giving her Tylenol every 4 hours, round the clock! Jacob, who hates to medicate her, saw she was in pain and gave her the meds. She hasn't had any Tylenol since Thursday morning and seems fine! 

Another thing I picked up at the store was Virgin Coconut Oil. I had also heard many praises sung about this! I think you can't use diaper cream if you cloth diaper, so people use coconut oil. So I got a jar and gave it a shot on her POOR drool rash. I started using it Thursday night. By Friday it was SO much better. Saturday morning when we woke up it was GONE, completely gone. I probably put it on 3-4 times a day. I had been treating the rash for days before with NO relief. Needless to say, I've jumped on the bandwagon and I believe this stuff is AMAZING! 

Come to think of it, it probably is a mixture of both the necklace and the oil, since she's not drooling nearly as much now. Either way, baltic amber and coconut oil are teething MUST HAVES! (And as a coconut lover, I must say Embry smells divine now!!!) 

Thursday afternoon she fell asleep in the car on the way home from Plano but woke up at home...meaning her afternoon nap was short! I let her snooze on me that evening. (Something I never do!!! I'm kind of a nap nazi and make her nap in her crib as much as possible)

Taking advantage of her patch of long hair...haha

Looking silly with huge bow on a bald head!

Good Morning World!

Hmm... first time in the wicker chair

Okay, it's fun now!

Nibble my toes Mommy!

Great Grandma and Papa Fanning Visit

This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Great Grandma and Papa for on their way back up to Illinois after their month long stay in Texas. We had a great time at the house on Saturday and a yummy breakfast out on Sunday morning. They hit the road just a bit ago and they'll be very missed by us all!

Here are some pictures from their stay. 

Getting a good look at Embry

A girl and her dog... 

Baby boot camp! 

Papa and Jake putting the final touches on dinner!

Great Grandma Fanning feeding Emmy squash

Embry's first Biter Biscuit! (Video below)

Bath time!

Cuddles with Papa 

Out to breakfast Sunday morning

We're sure going to miss them!


Embry wishing Mimi a Happy Birthday...

A few attempts at crawling...

Embry just being happy!

Embry eating pears....

Embry chatting away in the tub...

Embry in the Jumperoo...

And a Biter Biscuit... (using her hands SO well!)

Embry laughing at Great Papa...

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