Sunday, March 3, 2013

Embry: 21 Weeks


A quick update since I already posted this week for Embry's 5 Month birthday! 

She's doing well this week, although she has a little cough and has been congested. It really doesn't seem to be affecting her mood, thank goodness. I have been having to "bulb" her nose, which she HATES. I mean who would like it? But she screams when I start getting close to her with it!

More than ever, she is totally teething! I swear, every morning I am convinced there is going to be a tooth there! She is SO drooly, has to be chewing on something at all times, and just seems to get so much relief when I rub her gums. 

She's so drooly that she's getting drool rash. Doesn't help that she now sleeps on her tummy...i.e. her cheeks. I've read that putting Vaseline or Aquaphor on it, especially before they sleep works well and it definitely seems to be helping! (We use Aquaphor and corn starch- which we also use on her bottom at night and she's never, ever had a diaper rash!!). 

Another new thing this week is she seems close to crawling. She really pushes herself up on her arms and scootches around. I feel like she'll be crawling soon. 

Embry is really starting to "babble" more. She's always been a "talker", mainly just making noises...literally since birth. But she's starting in on the consonants. Jacob says she gets her talkative side from the Fannings =) I can't disagree! Hah!

Lastly, on food, while at Target this week I decided to buy one jar of squash, prunes, and apples. Before I went to the work of seeking out organic produce and making the food, I wanted to see what she liked. So far she's tried the squash and loves it! Looks like I'll be making it next. 


First taste of pizza crust

Jumperoo fun!

Always chewing on something...

I got a few rooms vacuumed this week while she was hanging in her room reading. 

Uh, I'm busy mom!

Jacob worked late one night this week. That always makes bath time a challenge! 

Sleeper gown!

Dancey girl. Always moving!

Minnie Mouse onesie from Ruthie =)

Gnawing on a cold sweet potato

Hanging with me in the bathroom while I get ready
She now loves sucking the water out of the washcloths... very sanitary, I know. Hah!

Watching Athena, as usual

Tummy time is no longer a battle!

I propped her up in the crib and she looked SO old!

Aquaphor and corn starch. Looking stylish!

Sisters hanging out!

First time in the Johnny Jump Up!

Sweet potato mess!

Trying so hard to crawl!

I tiptoed in her room to snap this one afternoon when she'd been down almost 3 hours!
She was turned the opposite way in the crib that I had laid her down.

Athena loved when we fed Embry on the floor...

Who needs a bath when you have a dog?

Athena's always in on all the action!

Playing basketball!

Target on Embry's 5 Month Birthday!

Every baby needs a set of keys to chew on! Especially when they're in Target's Dollar Spot!

Met Daddy for some lunch time cuddles. 

Embry's new favorite chew toys...Jacob's ties. 

I know what we should get Daddy!

Partners in crime!

Love this shot of me and my smiley girl

On a walk! 

Daddy and two of his girls =)

Time for some squash! I think they BOTH like it!

Athena cleaning Embry after dinner...haha
No, this is not a dead body.... But we packed up the baby swing that was taking up prime family room space. It was definitely bitter sweet since she loved it when she was a little baby! But she's too big for it now! We moved the Jumperoo into it's spot. 


Embry's first time in the Johnny Jump Up....

These next two were her on February 28 when she really started to try to crawl...

Checking herself out in the mirror before bath...

More Johnny Jump Up Action...

Here are some videos of her babbling... I think it's safe to say she's mastered the "ga" sound. (Along with all versions of blowing bubbles, playing with her tongue, and spitting!)

And lastly, this one is for my Grandma Fanning who loves when babies suck on washcloths in the tub! 

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