Thursday, March 21, 2013

Embry: 24 Weeks

The "Higgins Hotel" has continued a revolving door for the third week in a row. Sunday afternoon Ruthie and Jon arrived! They both had business in Dallas so were thrilled to host them for a few nights! I'm so mad at myself for only getting two pictures of Ruthie and Embry! (Oh yeah, and Baby Boy Hart, hehe)

One night Ruthie and I ran to my FAVORITE thrift store in Dallas. We were tempted to buy this beauty....

But I ended up scoring an Ergo Carrier for $4.99! Luckily Ruthie already has one (that she got for a fabulous deal at $80!!), so this one was all mine! Embry loves it! 

We got lots of other goodies for Emmy and Baby Boy! =) We had a fun few evenings together playing with Embry, talking and the boys playing silly video games until 2:00 am two of the nights! 

Ruthie took some great photos of Embry while she was here. She has an awesome camera and does such a good job taking pics! Here are our faves!

Here's how our rest of the week went... =)

Embry trying on her Easter outfit (and picture outfit)

Lounging on our 86 degree day! Jeeze! 

She's sitting in very short increments and is not very steady yet, but it's a start!

She loved avocado this time around! (She didn't the first two times a few weeks ago)

Looking festive on St. Patrick's Day in her onesie from Aunt Tomi

Kicking machine!

Love this one- looks like she's dancing!

First time in a cart, sitting big! (You can't see but she's strapped in very tight!)

Joann Fabrics is sure fun! =)

Silly baby!



And stuck! 

When I first snapped this I thought she was giving me the finger! 

Embry cheering on the Celtics!

So big at Costco! Our cute cart cover didn't fit the Costco cart! 

Smiling while I unload groceries at home

Post prunes and biter biscuit (does NOT like prunes)
Happy girl waking up from nap!
Today Embry and I braved the Dallas "Just Between Friends" Convention Sale. I am overwhelmed thinking about it. I had wanted a few certain things for her and my mom really wanted an exersaucer for her house. I found exactly what I wanted for Embry! A good push/ride toy and a good variety of toys for her when she starts sitting up and playing and that are small. (I want to be able to put them away in a basket!) We also found my mom a great exersaucer for cheaper than she's been finding at consignment stores in Austin. E can't wait to play in it at Mimi and Papa's! I had also been on the hunt for a bath ring, but NO one seems to make them or have them anymore. So the hunt continues... 

The table of the "musical" toys alone...omg

Athena checking out E's new push toy! $10.00!! Woo Hoo!

Three fun toys for $3.00 a piece! 
Today I also tried on a few of her swim suits. My mom and I have plans to take Embry to Lifetime Fitness this week and swim with Embry in the indoor pool! I think she's going to LOVE it!

Baby Long Legs!

Watching her Baby Signing Time DVD

FaceTiming with Aunt Kayce! 

Quick Updates:

Embry is still teething/gnawing like crazy, but with NO teeth. Hmph! 

Her sleep seems way out of whack since she was sick a few weeks ago. We were doing SO good before she got sick and we had 3 weeks of visitors. I had been going 12 hours without feeding her and doing the CIO method, but when she got sick I stopped. And I'd go into her room and fed her when she would fuss in the night. (Our guest room is right next to the nursery and I never wanted to wake our guests with her crying). I am getting back on track and let her CIO some last night. This Mama is ready for a good nights sleep!!!! She's sleeping way worse now than she did at 8 weeks old.... 

I am hitting the road tomorrow with Embry for a whole week, well a little longer! James is in a play at Deerpark tomorrow night and Jacob couldn't get off early enough for us to make it to Austin in time for the play. Instead of me coming back and then us traveling back to Austin next weekend for Easter, I am staying in town. We're super excited, but will miss Daddy a lot! He's requested lots of FaceTime dates! 

My Mastitis is all gone, thank goodness. I am still finishing up the antibiotic, but feel 100% back to normal. That sure hit quick, but hard! I am thankful I was able to get on meds within an hour or so of my fever spiking! 

I probably won't update until April 1, since we'll be gone through March 31! Yes, Embry will be SIX months old. Where in the world does the time go!?!?! Her 6 month check up and shots aren't until April 9! Since her 4 mo check up was February 6 and February is a short month, we had to wait for vaccine timing purposes. They told me we can get her 9 month back on track closer to her actual monthly birth date. 

She has tried carrots this week and loved them. She definitely loves the orange veggies (SP, squash, carrots). I think her favorite is still sweet potatoes. She wasn't feeling the prunes or pears I thawed today, so I thought she maybe wasn't hungry. I quickly thawed some sweet potatoes and she downed it so I made more! hah! 

Well I think that's about it and I'm in a hurry to get this posted and packed =)

I'll end with our Emmy videos of the week! One of the cutest yet is her looking at herself in the mirror and loving it...


Embry on St. Patrick's Day...

Loving Athena...

My favorite, the mirror video...

Embry in the "big girl" cart at Costco...

Embry in the Johnny Jump Up, then Athena comes around...oh boy! 

Embry watching her Baby Signing Time DVDs

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