Sunday, March 17, 2013

Embry: 23 Weeks

This whole week we were so lucky to have two visitors! Jacob's little brother, Blake, and little sister, Kayce. They were here last year on their Spring Break and had enough fun to want to come back! This year was a little different with a baby schedule and Jacob's full time job to maneuver around, but we still managed to have a lot of fun! The understatement of the week is that Embry had a good time. Boy, does she love attention, especially from the kids! She just adored her aunt and uncle and smiled and laughed almost every time they would talk to her. 

I'll let the pictures and videos do the talking this week...

Kayce and Blake arrive!

Biter biscuit time

Helpers at the grocery store!

Happy to have Aunt Kayce here!

Embry entertaining herself during dinner....

She was quite the clown around the kids this week. Always making sure people were looking at her!

Movie time

Too, too cute

One day we met Jacob for lunch at Cici's by his office!

Yum, crust!

Embry helping me out playing Uno.

Sidewalk chalk is always a hit!

Blake helped cook a few nights!

Happy girls in their PJs

Kayce reading to Miss E

Embry's first taste of grass, yum

Happy baby!

They just adore their niece 

All the "kids"

Sporting Uncle Blake's hat

Hi Mom!

One night Jake took B and K to the movies and I let E play with her bowls after dinner... 

At Main Event, playing bocci ball!

Making friends at Main Event

Bocci baby

Making "turf angels"

Fun day at Main Event

HI Aunt Kayce

Why Hello there, Uncle Blake

I was cutting up veggies for dinner one night and decided to let E try a red pepper to gnaw on! She loved it!!! I now keep some sliced up for her to gnaw on while I'm getting dinner ready each night. 

Kayce entertaining Embry

The boots Blake and Kayce gave E for Christmas

Embry's first time in a swing!! We met Jacob for lunch at a park near his office. 

First slide

Wishing she could go play with the big kids and Daddy!

Kayce helping feed Embry dinner

Kayce and I made cookies for a neighbor one afternoon

Our last full day with the kids- the awesome Dallas World Aquarium

Blake and a sloth!

Not a great picture, but in the shark tunnel! So cool!

Afternoon manicures

Kayce decorated Embry's chalkboard door for her

I tried avocado again for Miss E (she didn't like it a few weeks ago). It was a success! She loved it!


Embry laughing at Daddy and Athena

Embry with Kayce and Athena

Embry thinking Mom's pretty funny =)

Embry and Aunt Kayce

Happy Girl

Down for the Count

On Friday afternoon, after an early morning at the aquarium, I was not feeling well. I didn't get a great nights sleep Thursday night due to an awful cold/cough I have. Also, I woke up Friday morning and could tell I had a clogged milk duct. No biggie, it's happened to me about 3 other times the past 2 months or so. I've worked it out on my own after about a day each time. Around 5:00 pm I could not get warm, so I got a fleece sweatshirt and socks to go with my jeans I was already wearing. I was rushing around getting Embry her dinner and getting dinner in the oven for the kids and still had a chill. I realized since it was 86 degrees outside, it was a steamy 78 degrees in the house. It hit me, I must have a fever and infected breast (mastitis). Jacob was due home soon, so I went about preparing dinner. After we ate I went to Embry's room and I took my temp...101.8. E got a quick bath as I called my OBGYN and got the on call doctor. Luckily they called me in a prescription and Jacob, Blake and Kayce went to go pick it up. I was in a huge fog that evening. Fevers really do make you feel SO crummy!!! I stayed on top of the Tylenol all night to help with the fever (which broke in the night and I woke up and had to change all my clothes and put a new blanket on the bed, they were all SOAKED with sweat, ugh)!

I woke up Saturday feeling better, but still not great. Jacob's dad arrived around noon and they took Blake and Kayce out for the afternoon. Today I feel so much better, minus my cold/cough/sore throat STILL hanging around. 

It wasn't the best end to the week, but luckily Jacob was able to hang with the kids then! 

Overall, week 23 was a great one =) 

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