Sunday, April 2, 2017

Embry: 4.5 Years Old

4.5 Year Stats
Weight: 40.0 pounds 
44 inches (grown a full inch since New Years when we last measured her)
Clothes: 5T/6 clothes and PJs
Shoes: Size 10-11
Eating: SOOOOOO much better than when I last "reported". Besides snacks and sweets, food doesn't seem that important to her. But she now will eat 4 bites of everything on her plate at dinner without a fuss. Favorites are any snack, sweet, grilled cheese, Greek yogurt, pizza, fruit, raw broccoli and carrots with dip,
Sleeping: Sleeps 11.5 hours at night on average. Since the time change it's been 8pm-7:30 am. Soon after her 4th birthday she stopped napping every single day at home. She'll still nap if we ask her to but she LOVES doing quiet time in her room while Todd naps. She's required to stay in her room his whole nap which is often 2.5-3 hours. She loves playing ponies, dolls, barbies, etc. alone in her room and doesn't come out the entire time. She still naps almost every Monday and Wednesday at school.
Teeth: 20 teeth- She got her 2 year molars the week of her 3rd birthday. The next teeth she should get is 6 year molars I that should happen by age 7 ;)
Favorite Toys: Hands down her My Little Ponies, pony castle and pony house. She still loves crafts, play doh, Legos, her scooter outside.
Favorite Books: No surprise, her My Little Pony chapter book is her current favorite.
Favorite Shows/Characters: Anything My Little Pony. She loves the show on Netflix. She also is obsessed with the movie Trolls! We're SO busy these days she goes most days without any screen time.

Embry at 4.5 years old:
*So obsessed with My Little Ponies. Loves anything unicorn, rainbows, pony.
*I think if I put in minimal effort I could have her reading in no time. She loves letters, writing, knows all of the sounds of letters, has even started sounding out words and writing them herself. I'm in no rush to have her grow up and since she still has 18 months til Kinder I'm just letting her be little!
*She is doing GREAT at speech. Last fall she was going 1 day a week for an hour and starting in January we moved to two 30 minute sessions and we've seen a HUGE improvement since then! She's conquered S blends and is kicking butt with L's and L blends right now!
*Super, super girly. Negotiates every day to wear a "dress and it needs to be pink". She loves anything twirly, pink (or yellow), and she is always sporting a matching bow. Even to bed EVERY night.
*Such a planner. (I have no idea where she gets that.....hehe). She likes to know what we're doing that day, the next day, the day after.
*She loves to be on the go. Unless someone's sick, we don't ever stay at home a whole day. Even if we've spent 9am-1pm at the zoo and come home to nap, she'll wake up and ask where can we go now? She loves all of our outings and acts like she owns the Arboretum, zoo, etc. Hah.
*Super helpful. She LOVES to help with anything. Diaper changes, making dinner, anything. And she likes to do it all. So big! 
*Loves to scooter! She is SO fast on her scooter! We actually just had to get her a new one because she ran the brake out on her old one (that I got on a FB yardsale page for $5). Jacob takes the kids jogging 4 days a week and she scooters along side him. She also is good at her bike (with training wheels) but much prefers to scooter these days!
*Looks wise I think she's a total combo of us. I still see Jacob in her a lot but often see her and see myself as a little girl. We used to always get that she looks just like Jacob, but now we totally hear that she looks like me way more often than Jacob. 
*Personality wise, she's her mama through and through. She likes things in order, likes to plan, doesn't like a mess, loves to be on the go, etc.
*She's the sweetest big sister. She hates when Todd cries and when he does she races to his room to get him his bunny and will try anything to get him to stop. He recently got hurt and was crying HARD and when bunny didn't comfort him she got stickers out and put them all over his hands while telling him he's a good boy. 

*Adores her friends. She has a handful of best friends and she just loves them.
*Can finally now sit through an entire movie. She's in a Trolls obsession currently. 
*She totally has "big feelings" as Jacob has coined. She gets her feelings hurt pretty easily and can end up in a puddle of tears in a split second.
*Can officially get in and out of the car alone! She can open the door and completely do her 5 point harness buckle! Hooray! 
 *Can you tell I just am obsessed with this age? Even before I had my own kids, I always said age 4 was my favorite! It's the best! I just want time to slow down! She's just the sweetest girl ever and we love her to pieces!

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