Saturday, March 25, 2017

The House of Higgins: March 25

Todd's Half Birthday

Our Todder man is officially 18 months old! If you missed his 18 month post it's here

Madeline's Princess Tea Party

Spring Break 2017

We were so thrilled that Ruthie and her three kids decided to come for Spring Break! They were here Monday-Thursday and we packed in SO much! Arboretum, The Gentle Zoo, and Legoland! I absolutely love raising my kids with my sister! And I love seeing our kids love each other. Embry and Ford have SO much fun together, it's so heartwarming!

I can't handle how cute this picture is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring Break 2016 at the Arboretum!

Todd got his first face paint done!! Cutest pirate =)

When she gets hurt she still cries for lovey

Cousins who Yumbox together.....

Jumping at the Gentle Zoo

When you show up matching your bestie unexpectedly

St. Patrick's Day

St. Paddy's Day fell on the Friday of Spring Break and Embry and I made festive treats and we met a bunch of friends at the park. That evening we went to a cookout at our neighbors house!

Four years of the same thrift store pillowcase dress! 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Caroline, Sophie, Embry, and William - the fab four

The little brothers!

Backyard Work Day

Dallas Arboretum Children's Garden

One day this week we did our Tuesday Arboretum trip a little different and went to get the kids faces painted, but then popped over to the Children's Garden. It was a warm day and Embry had been asking over and over to go to "the mushroom area" which is this awesome shady water and sand area where we went weekly last summer!

We went to the gym before the Arbo and the sweet childcare worker had bought Embry a pony chapter book! Said she saw it over the weekend while out shopping and thought of her! We love our gym!

She and her friends spent the whole time reading the book.

I think this puppy face paint is the funniest one they do at the Arbo. I was so happy Todd sat through it! I cracked up every time I looked at him. BUT he quickly rubbed his eyes and ruined it LOL

Embry reading to Maggie's twins- Ian and Ellison

Todd had the time of his life with an empty Coke Zero can

Dallas Arboretum Again

On Wednesday we decided to go back to the Arboretum after school to play in "the toads" area- a fun water area in the main garden! It's so pretty and usually pretty empty there in the afternoons during the week!

$0.79 Sonic cream slush day!

Reading the map!

We went straight to McDonald's afterwards with friends since we had choir that night!

Ragamuffin little sister and brother watching choir practice




Embry told me she wrote Pinkie Pie and then drew a heart! So proud of her writing. 

Found Todd this Little Tikes truck for $10 on a FB sale site!

Wonder why both of our doll strollers are broken......

Saw Beauty and the Beast for a Moms Night Out! SOOOOo amazing!

Mommy can I please please please help you clean???

New park we tried!

New flip flops hahah

Embry loved fried catfish!

Neighborhood hole in the wall! Friday night fish fry!




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