Saturday, April 29, 2017

The House of Higgins: April 29

Easter Festivities 

Easter was really fun this year! Kiki and E-Pa came Thursday-Sunday and we all (minus Jacob) went to a children's concert on Good Friday! We had friends over Friday night, we had had fun dyeing eggs and baking Saturday, and Sunday the kids had so much fun getting their baskets and doing an egg hunt and we all went to church and out to brunch before they hit the road.

School Easter egg hunt!

Opening Easter baskets from Kiki and E-Pa

Todd and E-Pa

Kiki and Embry baking icebox cake bunnies

Lunch at Chicken Scratch downtown!

Easter morning breakfast

March For Babies

We did the March for Babies for the second year in a row with a group of friends in honor of a baby they lost. It turned out to be a freezing cold morning and was super windy. I didn't dress the kids (or me) appropriately so it was a huge fail on that part. Haha We all managed to have a decent time!

Embry Fainting

Well our girl is at it again, keeping us on our toes with her health. In the past two weeks she's fainted twice at the sight of her own blood. It's been months, maybe even a year since her last episode. With all the scootering and outside play, both kids have skinned up knees and elbows. The first time it happened this time I had a friend and her kids over and Embry bumped her knee with a scab on it and the scab broke open and it started to bleed. I took her into the bathroom to get a bandaid and she fainted in my arms. I called for my friend Annie and she was able to come help me and was there when she came to and got her bandaged up while I held her. It was so scary! Her eyes roll back, she kinda gurgles and she shakes. It's awful. Four days later she broke open an elbow scab and Jacob picked her up and she fainted in his arms. It was the first time Jacob has witnessed it. Sigh. So scary.

Visit From Mimi and Papa

My parents decided to come for a (very) quick visit last weekend. The kids had fun having grandparents here to show off for and play with!

Two Haircuts!

Before her trim. I didn't get an after.

Dallas Arboretum

Stomach Bug

It seems like every 2-3 months Embry gets a darn stomach bug. Poor girl woke up Wednesday and said she wanted to lay down on the couch and I knew something was up. She threw up 3 times in an hour and felt puny for a bit, but then was asking for food. Luckily Todd went to school that day so she and I had 5 hours of silence to just lay around and watch movies. When Todd got home she played with him for a bit, then wanted to lay down the rest of the evening. She woke up the next day feeling back to normal. Yay.

Feeling great the next day, but still homebound!

Unicorn Frappe at Starbucks

Yup! We definitely got Embry the Unicorn Frappe drink and it was SO worth it! Hah. She said multiple times that day- I can't believe I got this drink! I can't believe this day! Haha.

Matching Buddies

One of my besties has a son, Madden, 8 months younger than Todd. We each get hand me downs for the boys from people who had boys around the same we've found they have some matching outfits haha.


Jacob is playing softball again with our church and most games are well past bedtime. They have two games all season at 6:30 so we were pumped to get to go to one....and the other team forfeited! Boo! We ended up staying for a bit and the kids had fun running the bases and of course the lighting was too pretty and I went picture crazy ;) (I couldn't get over how cute Toddy looked with his fresh haircut that day)

Outside With Daddy


E made hand puppets with Lauren and Eliot one afternoon

Loved having roly pollies crawl on her....haha

Embry and me at age 4

Little stinker!

BIG girl loves to sound out words herself and write them! (Dog, cat, lion, giraffe)

Watching the Celtics with Daddy

Little stinker colored all over Embyr's PBK chair....luckily the crayon came out!

Sensory bin of rice

A strawberry from our garden!

Pony rest time!


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