Sunday, April 9, 2017

The House of Higgins: April 9

Noah's Ark

Embry's church choir, the Cherubs, got to be in the Children's musical at church this year. They sang two songs during the play and got to sing in church that morning. Embry's been iffy on performances, sometimes standing there blank faced and sometimes singing right along. She did okay this time, hahah, but the good news is she thought she did GREAT and she had a blast!

Afternoon Outside

Jacob's Cancer Update

Jacob had his annual scan and check-up at Texas Oncology and he's healthy as can be =) The great news is his doctor things that next year he can move to a chest x-ray (if testicular cancer is going to spread, it spreads to the chest) instead of the scan! That will save us a lot of money and Jacob a lot of time and no radioactive dye to drink! Yay! 

It's been 3 years since his diagnosis and surgery and the current medical opinion is to follow up with care for 5 years. So two more of these check ups! 

"Tiny Tot Tuesday" at the Dallas Arboretum

Kids Kingdom Park

Birthday Party Saturday

Flag Pole Hill Park

Todd's 18 Month Well Check

We finally had Todd's 18 month well check and our big boy is getting even bigger! 

18 Months:
Weight: 27 lbs 6 oz (75%) 
Height: 34 inches (90%)
Head Circumference: 51 cm (+95%...aka off the chart)   

For reference Embry was 24.6 pounds and 33.5 inches at her well check. Little brothers quite a bit bigger than big sis!

The appointment went great! At our doctor we fill out ASQ forms that go over in depth developmental milestones and he passed with flying colors. At 18 months they also do the MCHAT, which is an autism screening test. He also passed with flying colors! 

A question on the ASQ was does your child say 8 words or more and Todd does. But later it asked if he puts two words together, which he doesn't yet. I asked my doctor about it and she reassured me he was just fine! Todd is talking a lot more than Embry was at this age and she turned out to be quite talkative...hah! She told me the average age for two word sentences is 23-26 months, so we're good ;)

"Tiny Tot Tuesday" at the Dallas Arboretum...again =)

Bluebonnets 2017

We've taken two "rounds" of bluebonnet pictures this spring! There's a town 40 minutes away known for their bluebonnets and one day after school a friend and I caravaned there and got some great pics of the kids! We were maybe a tad early but we still found a good patch

This past weekend my friend told me about a patch about 15 minutes away and I was all over it! Are us Texans the only crazy ones getting pictures of our kids in patches of wild flowers? Hahah Regardless, I love the pics!

Palm Sunday

Embry got to walk in the Procession on the Palms at church today and she had so much fun! She's doing so great this Easter season and knows the story of Easter so well! We have resurrection eggs and they've also done them at school which has helped with the story of Jesus' resurrection!

Pictures with Daddy

Jacob was getting the kids out of the car after church and I realized how perfectly color coordinated they all were so I made them sit in front of our roses for some pictures and I'm so glad I did! I love them!


Ponies matching their dots...

Embry told me this was "her favorite picture ever" in the book since it had all the ponies she loved...haha

The difference between my kiddos....Toddy

The difference between my kiddos....Embry

Embry went along with Lauren and Eliot to see Sing at the Dollar theater one day after school!

He's crazy!


Loves his Daddy

His new truck from Mimi and Papa for Easter!

Slippers from Mimi and Papa for Easter

Mojito! Jacob is growing mint in the garden this year- yay

Pictures from errands with Daddy

Bacon and french toast coming right up!


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