Saturday, June 18, 2016

Todd: 9 Months Old

Nine Month Stats
Weight: 20 pounds 8 ounces (done today at Pediatrician)
Height: 28.5 inches (done the urologist a few weeks ago)
Diapers: Size 4 
Clothes: 9 month, 12 month, 12-18 month clothes. 12 month or 12-18 month PJs 
Eating: Eats a ton of table food but still likes purees. Some days he wants purees and will eat 2 jars in one sitting plus table food and some days he just wants table food. He loves the oatmeal with fruit jars in the mornings. Will pretty much eat any table food. His faves are mandarin oranges, blueberries, cheese, Greek yogurt. Nurses 5 times a day, but starting to cut down and hopefully move to 3 or 4 nursing sessions a day soon. 
Sleeping: Same as last month-Sleeps 12 hours straight through the night! Woo hoo! Although it's 6-6. Would be the icing on the cake if he could go 7-7, but no matter what time his afternoon nap, he's ready for by at 6:00. He takes 2 naps a day, usually 1.5-2 hours each.
Teeth: 2 bottom teeth...I was thinking his top tooth would pop through before now, but it's right under the gums. Any day now! 

New Things!

*Cruising like a mad man
*He is all over, everywhere, crawling, climbing, cruising. He's exhausting, haha.
*Claps his hands and is so proud of it
*Getting the hang of the pincer grasp. He will still grab some food with a whole fist, but is getting better at using his two fingers to pick up little foods.
*Spent a long weekend and then a whole week at the lake house and was a pretty good boy for the most part. About half way through our week there he started feeling bad (snot issues) so his sleep was a little touch and go, but he's pretty chill to sit on the beach and LOVED being in the water as long as he was held.
*Started using Cetaphil lotion on our eczema man and his skin has been smooth and clear of any flare ups all month! Pretty much the first month of his life where he hasn't had a few patches of red bumpy skin!
*I moved his car seat to sit next to Embry and they each love it. They love each other so much and keep each other entertained.
*Starting to go through some separation anxiety. Cried when we dropped him off at church the past few times and only wants Mommy when we pick him up.
*Currently has an ear!
*Still Mr. Spit-Up King.


This is what it's about. My two sweeties!

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