Sunday, June 5, 2016

The House of Higgins: June 5

I did a big photo dump of our Memorial Day Weekend Friday and you can find it here

Embry's Speech Therapy

Embry qualified for one hour per week of speech therapy and at her ARD the speech therapy explained to me that with articulation it would be best to break it up to 30 min sessions twice a week since it's a lot of drilling words over and over. So Tuesday (May 21) we went to the local elementary school and Embry was PUMPED to be at "the big school". After her first session the SLP had a lot to tell me. She said that they'd need to set some new goals because they always start with "K" and "G" sounds and Embry already has those down. She also said that come August when we set our normal schedule for the school year (remember we only got to do two weeks of therapy since they go with the DISD school schedule), that we can talk about doing an hour long session because of her "great disposition". She also said she can tell she's "a smart cookie" and she'll have to use some other tactics with her because Embry would just say- "Nope. I can't say that." Hah. 

This past week we tried an hour long session and I came in for the last 5 minutes and they were playing Go Fish with "S blend" cards. E was having a blast and was sad when I told her it was over for the summer. 

Last Day of Mother's Day Out...Kinda...

The great thing about Embry's school is it's year round. Although they take one week off the week of Memorial Day and Labor Day and the months between there are technically summer session. There's a curriculum during the normal school year and the summer is "review"...meaning there aren't any set letters, shapes, numbers, colors, and character traits assigned to each week like during the year. Anyway, May 22 was the last day of the regular session and she starts back up tomorrow. Obviously I had to dress her in the same outfit and take a picture with her chalkboard sign. Crazy to think that her first day of this school year was September 16, just two days before Toddy boy was born!

Last Day of Swim Lessons

E's last official day of school was also the last day of swim lessons. They  had told us they "do it up big" and seriously it was the cutest ever. We got to go inside the pool room (which we didn't get to do during the 12 week session) and it was "show off" day. They explained all the things they've learned and the reasons behind them. Then, the cutest part, was the medal ceremony at the end. They had the olympic music playing and all. It was adorable. And Embry's obsessed with her medal and has worn it a bunch the past few weeks. The icing on the cake was E-Pa was in Dallas for work and was able to come watch. E loved having him there.

Back in Gymnastics

 Embry's been begging to go back to gymnastics since her session ended in February. We're currently doing one (paid) activity at a time, so when I asked her what she wanted to do after swim was over, it was no surprise she picked gymnastics. She was thrilled to re-enroll!

This past week she missed since she had the stomach bug, so we did a make-up class Saturday and Daddy got to come. They were both thrilled about it! 

Stomach Bug

Jacob, Embry, and I came down with a pretty bad stomach bug. I must say, I didn't get it nearly as bad as J and E...but oh man, what a long week. Tuesday morning Jacob and I each woke up not feeling great...Jacob worse than me. Jacob managed to make an appearance at a hearing that morning, but came home and slept the rest of the day and night. I spent most of the day laying on the couch watching the kids eat snacks and play. Thursday when the kids got up, Embry was woozy and puked and proceeded to puke until 3pm that day. Poor thing was so pitiful. Her skinny little body just seemed extra puny. We had to miss her last speech therapy session and gymnastics that day and ended up staying home Friday too. 

Friday I tried to keep her laying low, so I got into my stash of crafts I've been hiding and found these 26 letter printables. It took us all day (and part of Saturday) to color them.


Always putting on shows for Toddy

Chalking the fence at Eliot's house

My kids have the exact same crying face

Going to bed reading Brain Quests

A mouthful of dirt from the plant....

Greek yogurt and sprinkle bowls with her friend Zoe

Zoe and Embry (Zoe lives across the street and is 9- they have a blast together)


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