Sunday, June 19, 2016

The House of Higgins: June 19

I posted Toddy's 9 Month Update is here yesterday! 

Our Week in Dallas

Two week catch up! Two weeks ago we had a short week here in Dallas, doing our normal activities and getting ready for our full week away at the lake house! 

So serious about her dance moves!

T loves having the run of the house when E is at school. Destroying her art work!

So, so, so obsessed with my new canvas wall!

Ready to go to the pool!

Embry and Eliot making books.

Asleep sitting up


Runaway baby at gymnastics

Our Weekend at the Lake with Friends

Early Friday morning me, three of my besties, and our nine kids...all three and under...hit the road to head to the lake house! The husbands all carpooled that evening after work to meet us for the weekend. We had a blast and it was way less chaotic than I thought it would be! Everyone had a great time and we hope it can turn into an annual event!

Four kids in my car and a weeks worth of stuff!

Toddy and 4 week old Madden

E and her besties ready to swim!

One of my fave pics of the weekend! Down on the beach in their jammies

Foot shower!

The dads arrive and started playing games immediately.

Early risers up watching a movie

E wrote this while I was making breakfast! All on her own.

New lake game- Beer Pole

Roasting marshmallows

Stressed because the marshmallows were too sticky

The whole gang! Four families, 9 kids ranging from 4 weeks-3.5 yrs! So much fun!

Adult selfie...couldn't fit everyone in.

Window selfie!

Our Sister/Cousin Week at the Lake

Sunday midmorning everyone left for home in Dallas and my kids and I enjoyed a nice quiet day at the lake. We even hit up the Sunday/Wednesday Gattis Pizza buffet that was PACKED! Hah! Monday midday Ruthie and her kiddos arrived for the week. Embry was chomping at the bit for Ford to get there so they could swim together. They are at the best age together! I don't think they got into a squabble all week! They even slept in the same room for naps and night...besides keeping each other up late talking a bit, they did really well. 

We spent the week having lazy days on the beach, visits from some of Ruthie's friends and kids, an overnight visit from Aunt Tomi and one from Papa, Mimi came out halfway through the week! It was great and we will definitely be making it an annual week! (Embry's MDO is year round, but they always close a week when the church hosts VBS- perfect time for a week at the lake!) Embry also got pretty brave with swimming and loved to take off her puddle jumpers and swam pretty well! I want to keep the momentum going and hit up some pools this week in Dallas! =)

I put T to bed at 6 and went down to the beach with my girl for some one on one time

So busy in her own little world

And then she wanted to make sand angels....haha So I gave in and we went and re-showered upstairs.

She told me "real Mommies wear their towels like this!"

Drawing a picture for Ford-waiting for him to arrive

"A rainbow, a rain cloud, Aunt Rudy holding Ford when he was a baby in a swaddle blanket"


The six of us plus Athena

Ladies with Babies =)

Only the cutest swimsuit from Target this year

When they tag along with Mimi for her morning soda....they end up with ICEEs at 8am

Back at Gattis and Toddy wasn't too upset about it

So glad I get to do the whole motherhood thing with my sister!

Another morning run to town with Mimi....this time popcorn and ICEEs! Hah

Ice cream on the beach!

Mimi and her bigs!

Toddy's over it. Completely.

Father's Day Weekend

Well we kicked off Saturday morning with a duo doctors appointment for both kiddos. They were both super snotty all week at the lake and Toddy was a bit fussy, but Friday night Embry was up crying in the night which resulted in her sleeping with us for the first time. It actually was nice and we all slept great once she had some Motrin in her. She was crying that her ear hurt and she has never ever woken up crying complaining about something, so I figured she was telling the truth. Then Saturday morning, Toddy woke up (after 13 hours of sleep) with a fever. I called right at 8 when our pediatrician opened and got appointments. Turns out both kids have ear infections, Embry with a double and one really bad infection. The doctor actually prepared us for it to rupture because it looked so bad! =( It never did, luckily! She did some Lidocaine drops in her ear to numb it for a few hours til we could pick up her prescription. 

Both kids were in good spirits and we had a fun afternoon Saturday with some new outdoor toys and grilling out! 

Sunday we spent Father's Day at the Arboretum, relaxing at home and trying to celebrate Jacob. I am so thankful every single day when Jacob comes home from working a stressful job with long hours and jumps right into taking over for me. He adores our kids so much and I am so glad they have them for a Daddy! 

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